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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Horror Movies

Just a quick reminder that the contest, hosted by Kelly Hashway (http://www.kellyhashway.com/) ends tomorrow (October 15, 2010) at noon.  If you want a chance to win a free ebook of Shadow Dancer, you need to get over there. 

October.  I love this month.  Not because of the new fall foliage or the cooler temperatures (which I in fact hate), but because it’s SCARY MOVIE MONTH.  Some people hate scary movies.  Not me.  I love them.  The chills, the rush of fear you can later laugh at yourself for, all of it.  Last weekend there was a Stephen King marathon:  Cujo, Carrie, Sleepwalkers.  As Stephen King is one of my favorite writers, a night of his movies was wonderful.  This weekend begins the Halloween nights of terror:  Scary movies every night, all the way up to Halloween night.

I was trying to decide what were my favorite scary movies.  The original “Exorcist” still to this day scares the poop right out of me.  Last year I saw the movie “Paranormal”.  Oh My Gosh!  That is one scary movie.  No blood and guts, just honest to goodness mental fear going on.  I saw that “Paranormal II” is coming out this weekend, and although I want to see it really bad, I am a bit afraid to, as the first one gave me nightmares.  It was great. 

What are you favorite things about October?  Are you a scary movie fanatic like me?  If so, what are your favorites and why?


  1. Hi Courtney!
    Great to see "Shadow Dancer" has beome a hit! I love October, it's my favorite month. I love the colors and the cooler weather. The wife and mother in me wants to get ready to fluff the nest for winter. I also love this month because it's my daughter's birthday. When I was younger, I saw ever scary movie and loved them all. Did I tell you the original Friday the 13th was filmed in Blairstown and the surrounding area?
    Nowadays, with special effects so realistic, modern scary movies are downright terrifying to me! I did love the first "Saw" film because that was also a mental scare. Just watching the commercial for "Paranormal II" gives me the chills! lol.

  2. I USED to love October when I live up your way in Ohio. My friends and I used to drive around for hours just marveling at all the beautiful fall colors. Down here in Louisiana, ugh. Green or brown, thats it. However, I do love that the air is starting to get crisp and we can sleep with our windows open for awhile.
    I am not a big fan of scarey movies, at least not horror. I think the scariest movies I ever saw were The Chainsaw Massacre and Helter Skelter. That one kept me awake for weeks. Oh and Eyes Wide Shut. What!! you say? Thats not a horror movies? Well watch again...it sucks!! What an awful movie. I waited the entire movie to see Tom Cruise's behind, because all the advertisements said I would. But no behind. That movie was scarey because it was so awful!

  3. Oh no, not a horror movie fan. I honestly get really freaked out easily so it's not too good for me to watch more scary movies. I've seen a few, but none of the really bloody, gory stuff. I'll probably get forced to watch something next week though as a friend of mine and me are having a small "halloween party" with some friends. Last year we watched Scream I believe...I can't remember what else. We loveee Zombieland though that's not scary, just bloody good fun!!!