Friday, October 8, 2010

Book Review: Jumper - Griffin's Story

I spent part of this week catching up on some reading.  I picked up the book:  Jumper – Griffin’s Story (by Steven Gould).  I had read the first book: Jumper and I had watched the movie.  I must admit that I wasn’t all that excited about reading the Griffin book.  That all changed once I picked it up and got past the first page. 

Griffin, as we know from the movie, lost his parents when he was very young, when the Paladin group murdered them.  The story begins right before the death of Griffin’s parents and the action and the adventure and the story never stops until you reach the end and even then, you are left wanting more.  This writer did a fantastic job keeping me in the story and rooting for Griffin.  His story spans the globe and rides right along the lines created in both the previous book and the lines created in the movie. 

My only poke at the book was that it switched languages throughout.  Spanish, French, English.  Just conversations here and there, it was nothing too extensive.  I have had very rudimentary education in Spanish and French and although I could fight my way through it and get the gist of what the words meant, it stopped my forward motion in the story.  It would have been just as good without it.  

I give this book a very high rating.  Very good job, Mr. Gould.  So the next time you want a quick fun easy read, this is a good one.  I really enjoyed the read. 

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