Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What's On My Mind #2

Still working hard on my current “Work in Progress”.  So this is another week of what is on my mind.

1.                  Have any of you been watching and reading the Steubenville Rape trials?  I have.  It’s close to home.  But this week, what’s bothering me about the case is the media response.  They seem to have forgotten that this is a trial about rape.  Not about the lost prospects of the rapist.  I’m quite disheartened by the coverage on the “poor boys” and not the poor victim.  What have we come to? 

2.                  Easter!  It’s so close, that I can all ready taste the blue peeps.  Easter is my favorite holiday.  It seems though that each year I get further and further toward the candy and the turkey and the event, and forget the real purpose of the day.  I need to work on that this year. 

3.                  Teenagers.  They are hard.  I thought that the hard part of being a parent would be the first five years.  I was so wrong.  The first fourteen years were easy.  I glided right through those years with common sense parenting and book reading and trial and error at times.  The period from fourteen on has been horrendous.  I always thought it was nurture that would win out, but I have been proven so wrong.  Nature is the winner. You can’t override the nature of a person no matter how hard you try, no matter how great of a parent you are, no matter how firm a parent you are.  Nature will win out.  I’m sad to say.

4.                  Fire.  I am wondering if you are made from the element, if you would still feel the pain of it against your skin? Or would it just be a part of you.  I can’t decide.  I can come at it from the point of view that if you are made of fire it can’t really burn you weather inside or outside.  But then, I wonder if maybe fire can still burn you on the outside as that is where your pain receptors are and you would still feel the burn of it.  Yeah, I still can’t decide. 

So what’s on your mind this week?  Anything new?  Anything weird?  Anything fun?  Share.

Monday, March 11, 2013

What's On My Mind #1

So, I have begun Leif’s book.  It’s a bit slow going at this point as it’s all set up and very little writing, but it’s started.  If I kick butt on it for the next few weeks, maybe the first draft will be done by the middle or the end of April.  That is the goal anyway. 

Therefore, because my brain in focused on the Shadow Walkers and the four realms, I don’t have much else to share.  Therefore, today and maybe for the next little while, my blogs are going to be changing format. 

The new style will be “What’s On My Mind”.  So without further explanation, let’s get it on.

1.                  Spring.  It’s so close and yet, it feels so far away.  Four days ago there was almost a foot of snow on the ground.  Then yesterday, we had temperatures in the high 60’s and there was not a bit of snow to be found.  The spring crocuses were in full bloom in not only the flowerbeds, but also…my yard.  Silly flowers.  I was happy to see the bumblebees out and about and pollination away.  Yay, spring!

2.                  Tucson Festival of Books.  The event was scheduled for this past weekend.  I didn’t get to go this year due to other engagements and I have to say, I am bummed out big time over it.  I had such a wonderful time last year at the event and I hope to go back again soon.  As I scrolled through FB it was fun to see all the photos being posted of the event and the authors.  Man, I so wanted to be there. 

3.                  The Walking Dead.  Not sure I like where the show is going right now.  There are so many things that I know I would personally be doing differently if I was in that situation.  It annoys the poop out of me, when shows that are so good suddenly change format and go way off the mark.  Carl (or is it Karl?) is annoying the poop out of me.  Andrea, I just want to smack the crap out of.  Are girls really that stupid?  No, it can’t be true!  Rick, snap out of it man!  The only one I still really enjoy, is Darryl.  His character has stayed very true and I like that about him.  The episode last night was at least a good one.  Zombies everywhere along with drama and story and even….(gasp!) sex.  However, I have to admit, I would have capped the governor the moment I saw he was alone in the barn and been done with the whole thing.  I must be more savage than them though.  Who knew?

4.                  Cleveland.  Why Cleveland?  Well because I am going there this upcoming weekend for the Ohio Dance Masters (aka ODM) to see Seren and her Dance Company compete.  Not much to do in Cleveland otherwise, so aside from sitting on my duff most of the weekend, I hope to be reading and writing and planning. 

5.                  Coffee.  I’m trying to cut back on the coffee intake just a bit.  I do so well some days and others, way not so much.  What is it about that drink that turns me into a lunatic without it?  I guess we all have our addictions right?  Mine are apparently, coffee and books and chocolate.  I’m such a girl. 

So what’s are your mind this week?