Monday, April 20, 2015

Back into the Mix

Hello, people of the blog.  Yes, it has been a while.  Life gets in the way and sometimes takes over. 

So what have your missed in the life of me:

1.  The tiny dancer and I got food poisoning.  It was awful.  However, if you want to find a bright spot from the whole horrid experience, then it would be that I was able to lose almost 8 whole pounds in a period of about 3 days.  Whoo hoo.  However, it didn’t stay off.  There was cherry cheesecake in the fridge, and once I was finally hungry again, I think I ate all of it.  Yeah.  Really.

2.  I have done absolutely no writing for the last two weeks.  Yes, I know, I suck.  I simply didn’t have the energy nor the brain capacity to sit down and actually try to think.  This week I am back at it.  I have a fresh beginning worked out for my current WIP and I plan on spending hopefully a good hour on it today.  Yay.  I always feel better when I feel productive.

3.  As I have not been writing, I have been reading.  I found all the maze runner books at the Half Priced Book Store.  I, of course, scarfed them up and I am on the last one.  I had read the first one about a year ago, and due to the extent of my TBR pile, it has taken me this long to get back to the series.  It’s not bad.  Sometimes the confusion of the characters makes me the reader confused and frustrated, but I have decided that is the point, even if it’s annoying.  I need to find another series after this one to pick up. 

4.  Dance season is in full swing.  My schedule is a bit on the crazy side right now.  I had this past weekend off, and the upcoming one, but then we are back into the competition on the 1st.  It’s funny, I look forward to this time of year, but then when it’s here, I get stressed and anxious trying to make sure we are prepared and have everything and that I know where we are going and when.  It’s for the tiny dancer though and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  She looks so lovely and happy when she is dancing.  I would never take that from her. 

That’s it for me.  I’m swamped under over here, but trying to stay afloat.  Have a great week and I hope to say hello next Monday.