Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our World of Mythical Beings

I like the idea of magical things.  The Yeti, the Abominable Snowman, Bigfoot, and yes, even Mermaids.  It’s not that I believe in them, but it’s not that I don’t either.  I caught the Mermaid – Body Found and New Evidence event on Animal Planet and I have to say, the idea really interests me.  Really gets my brain wondering.  That’s a good thing, by the way. 

I am fascinated by the idea that they might, maybe, possibly could be out there; we just haven’t yet found them. Are we “Humans” so vain and conceited that we believe we are the only intelligent life out there?  Are we so egotistical that we can’t believe in something we haven’t seen?

I personally have not seen a million dollars, but I do know it’s out there.  I have not personally seen the planet Mars either, but again, I know it’s out there.   I could laugh at most of the things shown on the mermaid show as made up fantasy, except for one small thing.  The cave paintings:

They had images of cave paintings in Egypt said to be from 30,000 or so years ago.  They depicted a struggle or a war between two legged humans and a human-like form with a long fin tail.  It was very well done and very interesting.  Is it real?  Can’t tell. I have been trying to find the real source of it since watching it (which is why my post is a bit late this week) but all I can find are blogs, such as this asking the same question.  Here is a photo of it that I found at least.  I hope it loads.

It was a well thought out productions, and yes, at the very end of the show, there in small type was a short disclaimer by the editor that the production was a work of science fiction.  Does that make it unreal though?  The ideas they put forth, and the reasons we haven’t found them, were good points.  One being that they travel constantly.  They don’t just stay in one place for long.  They also travel with whale packs to camouflage themselves.  Further, because they are slowly but surely dying out, there are not many of them left to even find. 

The conspiracy theory though made me laugh at first.  That the governments from all over the world, but especially in the U.S.A., were hiding the existence of mermaids.  To what end?  I was not buying that at all, until _____, felt the need to put out a statement stating that they were NOT hiding anything, and that no evidence exists of mermaids.  Hmmm…what was the point of denying it?  If there was nothing out there, why were they so worried as to feel the need to put out a memo?  Here is a link to the very short statement just for your reading pleasure. 

Then you have this little beauty that was entertaining at least:

Again, I don’t believe in mermaids, in the here and now, and yet…I don’t not believe in them.  I like the idea.  The magic of it.  The fantasy of it.  I would love to come upon one some day, even if they are evil killers as depicted now and then.  Humans can be as well, from what I see every single day on the news.  Maybe I should take up deep-sea whale watching…just in case. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

December 2013 - Update

December 2013 – Update

You will be happy to know, I was able to complete NANO this year.  However, it was quite the struggle.  I started out writing a romance type of story.  It was going along all right the first week.  The second week, I decided I wasn’t enjoying my Main Character.  By the beginning of the third week, I didn’t like my main character or my main guy character at all.  I realized I was just going with the motions and putting down a story and words.  The writing was horrible, as I didn’t care anymore.  I finished the story out on the 21st, but it only came to 41,990 words.  I didn’t know what to do, as I didn’t want to waste anymore of my time on that crappy book!  Yes, I hated it that much. 

So I read a bit of the rules for Nano and decided to begin a new novel to tack onto the crap one.  But I didn’t start it right away.  I was a bit bummed about how the first story came out and procrastinated.  There is definitely something to be said for connecting with your characters in order to have a good book.  So, I put off beginning.  Then Thanksgiving hit and I didn’t have to time to write.  Finally, the last day of Nano hit and I was still 8,000+ behind and only one day to do it. 

I whined a bit to my family about failing Nano.  I have to say I was a bit surprised by their response.  They said, to finish dinner, then go and write. Do what I am always telling other writers to:  Sit your butt down and just do it.  So, at 7:00 p.m. I sat down in my lovely quiet office, turned on a bit of Fleetwood Mac, and began a new story.  I wrote for an hour, then took a break.  Sometimes it was just to clear my brain a bit, sometimes it was to rock a small baby to gain a moment of peace, and sometimes it was just to snatch a snack or take a hug from my Seren.  At 11:00 p.m. I had 800 more words to go.  My fingers were flying.  The story was spewing from my brain in a flood.  It was great.

At 11:30, I uploaded what I had:  The first crap novel of about 42,000 and the new pretty good start and decent story of 8,000 all totaling 52,020 words.  I made it and I got a banner to prove it.

I am pretty excited about my new story.  Of course after Nano, I didn’t feel like writing at all, so it has stayed set at 8,000+ but I am very happy with this one.  I will get back to it very soon.  I think I deserve a bit of a break, so for the rest of December I will be reading.  I have a load of ebooks on my Kindle that need my attention. 

What will I do with my crap novel?  Trash can it I think.  I will hold it for a while to see if I change my mind, or if I think I can salvage it somehow.  I think Romance just isn’t for me.  There are good moments in it, but all in all, it sucks.