Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas and Kindles

As the electronic book craze continues through another year, more and more people are getting e-readers such as the nook or kindles, and some are simply reading books on their phones.  

For anyone buying kindles or other ereaders for their loved ones and friends, or even for themselves this holiday, I thought I'd share a few ideas for books to load for my zombie/horror readers.  AND best of all, they are FREE books, which make them even better.  Please make note that these titles are only free on December 25th and 26th so you need to be on top of it, however, it's would be quite the haul of free'ness if you do.  Also, as an added bonus, there is a short story from yours truly, in the Zombies Inside book.  

Merry Christmas everyone.  Be safe for the New Year, and I will see you in 2017.