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Monday, October 18, 2010


This week I am finishing my WIP.  You read right…FINISHING!  I got through the big revisions last week and this week I just want to give it another go through to make sure it flows and ends right.  Then I will begin the process of submission!  Oh…joy.  Maybe I will hold that thought for a bit…

I like a blog called:  Booking through Thursday.  They have a weekly question and this week’s was: If you could rewrite the ending to any book what would it be and how?  I liked this question.  There are several that could use a nice rewrite, but the first one I thought of was, the original Little Mermaid (by Hans Christian Anderson).  In his story, the little mermaid lost her prince to another woman.  The mermaid is given a choice of either killing her prince to return to her mermaid form, or dying and turning to sea foam.  She tries to kill the prince, but in the end, she loves him too much and chooses death instead.  My thoughts?  WHAT EVER!  The prince tossed the mermaid aside, married another woman, all without thought to the woman he had right before his eyes that not only once saved his life, but also truly loved him.  The morbid storyteller in me would have had the mermaid be true to her nature and kill the prince.  She would have been returned to the sea and of course lived happily ever after.  Why?  I remember reading that story and being ticked off at the ending.  Nothing happened to the prince.  Nothing.  He got the fairytale and she got to die.  You gotta love Hans and his unhappy endings.

So I pass the question on to you….if you could rewrite the endings to any book, what would it be, and how? 


  1. I would end the book by David Pelzer, A Child Called It, differently. I know it's a true story but I sure wish he had a better ending to his life and had a mother who regretted what she did to him and turn their relationship and his awful childhood around.

  2. It would be the unexpected ending even if the reader may not want it I think it would leave them kinda satisfied with the fact that it had the element of suprise.