Saturday, January 27, 2024

Winter Hobbies

Like many people I have hobbies outside of writing.  These include many artistic avenues, but one I spend a lot of time on is painting.  I paint in watercolors, acrylics, and even dabble in oils.  I'm versatile like that...

I like watercolors the best, simply because they are easy to clean up.  I like oils because even if I mess up, I can just scrap the mistake off and try again.  Acrylics are also fun as I can get deep colors and they are easy to use on any type of surface.  I don't pretend to be very good.  Somethings I can paint very well.  Others...I am very lacking. However, I keep enjoying the time spent on them all the same. 

Here are a few for your winter day enjoyment:

A home in the forest, a watercolor by Courtney Rene

Ladybug, a watercolor by Courtney Rene

Turtle, a watercolor by Courtney Rene

Bluebird, a watercolor by Courtney Rene

You may begin to notice a trend...I have an affinity to animals, bugs, and nature.  

Mountain Landscape in oils by Courtney Rene

Whale, an acrylic, by Courtney Rene

Wolf, an acrylic, by Courtney Rene 

Nothing too awesome but not to shabby either.  I use painting when I'm stuck with something I'm writing or when I just can not get inspired to write.  I think that may mean that if I have not put out anything in the book or magazine world in a while...someone might need to tell me to put my paintbrush down and get to writing!  

We all need our outlets.  Painting is mine.  


  1. I'm impressed with your acrylic and oil work (and your new blog look/layout). Congrats on all your upcoming events, too!

    1. Thank you! As to the paintings, I wanted to share a little color during the harsh grey months. The blog I think looks much nicer this way.

  2. Your watercolors are the "real deal"!
    Keep painting!