Saturday, January 13, 2024

Spark - Book 3 in the Elements Series

 Spark - WIP

The new year has brought with it a new and determined spark of creativity on my end.  With that in mind, book 3 in the Elements series is firmly in the works and a concrete work in progress.  For those that don't know, this series is about four extraordinary teens, each with a corrupted gift from one of the four elements:  water, earth, wind, and fire.  These young adults come together to face a common threat...their creators.  Scientists of a genetic engineering company have been hunting for them since they were children.  Each one of these genetically modified teens have been on the run and hiding for years. Alone.  They have decided to not run anymore.  

Cold - Book One in the Elements Series

Cold - Book one in the series is Nora's story.  Water is destructive all by itself, but turn water to ice and it can become even more deadly, especially in the hands of an angry young woman out to right a wrong.

Burn - Book two in the series is Ash's story.  Fire is destruction.  It burns and eats anything it comes in contract with.  It has been used as a weapon, as a means of demolition, and even as a method of death.  That does not mean it always has to be evil and used to destroy.  

Spark - Book three in the series is Eve's story.  We don't yet know what all Eve can do.  She is an earth element and with it is a creator of life.  Does that mean she is also the bringer of death?  How far can she be pushed before she becomes exactly that?  

Wind - Book four in the series is Reed's story.  Stay tuned as his story will be told and soon.  

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