Saturday, January 20, 2024

Cold January

This January here in Ohio has been strange.  In most years, the 1st of the month hits and hits hard with winter weather.  We get blasted with snow, cold, and ice.  This type of harsh winter weather stays for weeks and weeks.  Then we get a January thaw for a day to help wash away the brown ick that has become our landscape.  We breath a sigh of relief at the break in the weather.  Only for winter to rear its giant angry head and hit us again with a gleeful vengeance.  Schools close and companies let employees work from home.  January is a hard month usually.  Misery is winter in Ohio.

This year, 2024 has not been the usual.  We had lovely 40 degree weather for most of the month so far.  That is until this week when the snow and ice has come with a vengeance of its own.  Temperatures in the negatives and windchills making it even worse.  It is only January 20th and I am dreaming of spring.  Wishing for it. 

No, granted it has not been a hard month overall.  However, this last week sure has felt hard.  Getting outside, walking in that wind is miserable.  The air physically hurts.  Less than nine weeks until spring at this point.  As we still have February to get through, it can not come fast enough for me.  Brrr.  

Welcome to Winter...

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