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Monday, April 7, 2014

Google and Me

Have you ever googled yourself?  I do now and then just to see what comes up.  What always surprises me is how many different things I apparently do.  Here is a list of professions I have found that Courtney Rene, in some form or another, “does”.

1.                  Writer
2.                  Model
3.                  Attorney
4.                  Chiropractor
5.                  Photographer
6.                  Chef
7.                  Porn Star (sadly)

So will the real Courtney Rene please stand up?  I’m the writer, of course. As if you didn’t know.  I was giggling at the porn star one.  Anyone that knows me in real life, the introvert that I am would be giggling too.  The idea of being naked…on camera, not ever in this lifetime.  Oh, too funny. 

However, a few were interesting.  The idea of a model in fun for me, but the reality not so much.  Now, I’m not liking models to porn stars, at all.  But…have you been inside a Hollister Store lately?  Or Abercrombie?  Or heck, Victoria’s Secret? Naked people all over the place.  No thanks.  Not for me.  Just isn’t.  Not that I have a chance in hell to be one, as I have different shaped eyes, and my ears are lopsided.  I’m just average.  Nothing exciting about me.  I’m okay with that actually, but the modeling world, I’m sure wouldn’t be.

Then you have the Attorney.  There was a time that this idea crossed my mind.  Then I got into the law business (not as an attorney) and realized, no frickin way!  Too much emotion and greed to content with every single day.  Thanks, but no.

Chiropractor is not my thing either.  I don’t like to touch strangers.  I don’t even like to touch people I know sometimes.  Like that one huggy great aunt we all have.  I usually stay about 2 or 3 steps back just to be safe.  I also have people I know, that in order to hold a conversation, have to be touching you in some way.  A hand on my arm or leaning in and laughing on me.  I love my friends all of them, but some of the peripheral people that insist on invading my personal shell bubble, tend to wig me out a bit.  No, chiropractor is not for me.

However, that leaves a chef or a photographer.  I wouldn’t mind either of these.  I do my job either cooking or picture taking and then hand out the results.  No REAL people contact but for the final version.  I love to cook and bake.  I even enjoy taking a decent photo.  I could pull either of these off with the proper schooling.  However, they aren’t me right now.  Maybe in my next life I will give one or the other a try.

There is one version of me that I did not list above.  There is also a male me out there.  Not sure why, but this didn’t really bother me.  I found it interesting.  Poor guy, going around with a girl’s name that used to be a boys name. 

I’m sure there was more out there but those were the first to pop up.  Now the question is:  who are you out there in the cyber world of google?  


  1. I'm the only Kelly Hashway and I couldn't be happier about it. When it came to deciding on a pen name for my romance novels, I also Googled to make sure Ashelyn Drake wasn't already taken. I like being the only. Maybe it's because my maiden name is so common. There were tons of Kelly Bradleys out there.

    1. In my real life, I am the only me. I like that. As for my writer name, it's funny how many of me are out there.

  2. I found a Professor, a Doctor, and a Photographer. Oh yeah, and a writer. :D What a fun post, Courtney!

    1. Thanks for stopping over, Denise. In our next life we can be photographers together!

  3. Porn star!!?? I always knew you had a hidden background, ha ha. I'm lucky, I'm the only Allyn Stotz out there and I really look important! I take up at least the first three pages. No exciting porn star, model, or Chef in my "secret life."

    1. I am sure you have a secret life out there somewhere...you just haven't found it yet. As for a star in the adult entertainment industry...not my thing, this life or next.