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Monday, April 21, 2014

What's On my Mind - April 21, 2014

Welcome to another week.  What has progressed in my world?

1.  The Kitchen is DONE!  I mean, waahooo done!  Here is the finished product. It’s hard to get a decent photo of a whole room but you get the gist.  All that is left to do is unpack all the bins full of kitchen crap.  I will be going through everything with a fine tooth comb as there is no reason to keep all the items I have.  I have so many pie pans/plates that I could start my own business.  I need to thin out a bit.  If there are items of sentiment, but I don’t use them, I believe they should be stored and not taking up space in my cupboard.  Do I like the end result?  Oh, my goodness, yes!

2.  Easter is over.  I love Easter.  The candy.  The food.  The Toys.  The Eggs.  It’s a reawakening of Spring.  It’s a time of forgiveness.  It’s a new start.  This year, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I usually do.  The kitchen stressed me out.  Family and crowds stress me out and I have a HUGE crowd at the house at Easter.  Twenty Three people to be exact.  I love seeing most of them.  I love sharing the day with them.  However, that doesn’t stop me from freaking out over it all the same.  After all the festivities were over, I needed to lie down. Thankfully, the Easter Bunny brought us the movie, Frozen, so I was able to relax and watch that for a hour or so.  

3.  Spring is here!  I have so much stuff to do outside the list is staggering.  Do I mind it?  No, not really.  I like spring clean up in small portions.  If I had to get it all done in one day, I would hate it.  As I don’t, it’s an enjoyable chore.  The sun shining.  The bunnies hopping about.  Frogs and deer, and fish.  This week, I need to work in the orchard.  Winter just went on and on and I didn’t get out there to trim up the tress.  Since we had a hard frost last week, I believe I can get away with the trim up still without hurting the tress.  I also need to clean out the pond.  I need a good pair of waterproof, snakebite proof gloves though.  Since we have an infestation (meaning 3) snakes that have taken up residence in the waters to eat my fish, I’m a bit hesitant to be shoulder deep in the water clearing out lilies.  They aren’t poisonous, but I still don’t want to get bit.  Esp. from the black water snakes as they have anticoagulant in their bite.  No thanks. 

4.  I made decent headway on my horror story last week.  Yay!  I plan on working more on that one and hopefully getting it finished up in the next few weeks.  At least the first draft anyway.  This novel is taking longer than most of my others, as I keep having to stop and research things.  One was how to properly clean an antique music box. 

Hope you all had a great Easter and you are enjoying the slowly warming Spring.  See you next week!

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  1. Sounds like you've had a really busy week! I absolutely love the picture of your new kitchen. Really lovely! You guys did an awesome job.

    Glad you made it through your Easter celebration all in one piece. Twenty-three people is a lot to entertain!

    Good for you making good headway on your horror story. Can't wait to read it!