Monday, May 20, 2013

Butterfly Season

It’s Butterfly Season!           

I love this time of year.  The colors, the fresh air, the colors…  One of my favorite things though are all the new butterflies coming out of their cocoons and decorating my yard with their bouncing colors.  Some of my favorites:

The Black Swallowtail.  This butterfly can be found within the entire state of Ohio.  Its preferred haunts are fields, meadows, and gardens.

The American Copper Butterfly.  This butterfly can be found in meadows from May through September again all throughout Ohio.  It is a rather small butterfly, but the colors on the inside of its wings are bright and lovely to see.  Not sure why it is name the American Copper as it was brought here from another country long ago.  

The American Painted Lady.  This is the butterfly that I usually grow inside a butterfly garden in the late winter to release into the garden.  They are so pretty and light.  I think after the years of releasing them, they are starting to come back on their own as now you can see many of these butterflies dancing in the orchard and stealing my peaches even though I have not released new ones in two years now.  

The Great Spangled Fritallary Butterfly.  This butterfly can be found in the Northwest region of Ohio from June through September.  I have seen a few in my area, which is Northeast, but it is usually a fluke.  I figure someone took a wrong turn on the migration path and ended up in my garden.  ALl in all the Red to brown to yellow one the wings are quite the eye catcher.  

We have many other specimens here in Ohio, but again these are just a few of my favorites.  For more information on Ohio Butterflies, you can go to the following links:

Have a great week everyone.

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  1. Love butterflies! They are so fascinating and delicate to me. Just wish they lived longer!