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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year….A Bit Late.

I have survived our annual family vacation.  We made it back home just in time to be ready for school and work and all that comes with a new week, not just a new year.  As most of you won’t know, I had a pretty crappy 2012, so I am hoping for a bright and shiny new year with loads of luck and good fortune and the end of the overwhelming bad.

Here are my steps for a new and better year: 

1.         I am going to sluff off the bad vibes and get back into my writing.  I was feeling a bit depressed and over whelmed, so I have not been writing for…oh about 4 months now.  I am feeling better and ready to get back to it.  I have even figured out the “climax” for Leif’s upcoming story, which was what was holding me back a bit with starting it.  I have you now, Leif.  Hahahahaha.  As for my Angel story, I also have figured out my writer’s crap and how to move forward, so that is actually first on my list.  I want to get the first draft done, move on to Leif, and then go back and edit Angel.  That’s the plan.  That’s the schedule.  I am going with it.  Time to get a new project board.  Yay!

2.         I have two reviews that I will be posting, coming up within the next two weeks.  Come over and look for them.  Let’s do a bit of supporting for the hard working, underpaid, overwhelmed inde-authors.  We all need to support one another as best we can and as we can. 

3.         This year is looking very busy for me.  I will be trying very hard to stay up to date with my blog.  I will be posting on Mondays.  The posts will most likely publish either early in the morning or late at night.  I want to get back to visiting everyone’s blogs.  I have missed several of you very much and can’t wait to get caught up with all that is happening in your worlds.  I will be visiting blogs on Mondays as well and only Mondays.  I have to limit my online time otherwise I don’t get any work done.  So if you are a Thursday blogger that I visit, I will catch you on Monday.  I plan on getting writing busy this year and less blog busy. 

4.         I was recently asked if I was going to be replacing my Big Dog.  I have thought this question over for the last few weeks and I have decided that my Big Dog is irreplaceable and I don’t want to even try.  With my upcoming travel schedule it would not be fair right now to get a puppy. Plus my heart is still a little squishy over him.  So, no puppy.  When?  No idea, but for now, just no. 

That’s all I have for this week.  I am finishing up the reviews (see above) today and tomorrow.  Then I will be getting my notes in order to get back to writing.  Hope you all have a great start to the new 2013-year and let’s all have a grand and prosperous year. 


  1. Happy New Year, Courtney! I'm glad to hear your muse is back. Looking forward to hearing about your new projects.

  2. Well I commented on this the other day but I guess commenting with my iPad doesnt work. Anyway, 2013 is going to be a great year for us both... I just know it!! But then again... my intuitions aren't always spot on. However, I sure am going to work harder this year. I also have to stop checking my email every five seconds and my online activity because it just takes too much time away from my actual writing.