Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review - The Golden Ashfruit

I know I said I would be off until the new year but I recently read a book that I felt some of you fantasy readers might enjoy.  So here is my review:

The Golden Ashfruit, by AL Harris is a book that takes you by surprise with its depth.  Welcome to the world of the Fae and the Lady of the Lake and the Frost Queen, add in Thor and Fieda and so many, many more.  This book starts out as a love story (to me anyway).  A young queen (Mab) is to be married to an unknown man, not of the Fae, but of something else.  Nothing new there, but instead of balking at the marriage, the two become friends and decide to marry.  Oaths are made and dates are settled.  Then the world goes pear shaped.  The Fae Courts fall apart.  Sides are chosen and a war is waged that encompasses everyone, mortal and immortal alike. 

Wow.  There is a lot going on in the 365 pages of this book.  There is never a moment that I knew what exactly was going to happen next.  I’m not going to pretend it’s not a complicated story, but it is so worth the read.  I highly enjoyed the elements and the power and destruction they left behind.  Along my journey through this book I felt such compassion for so many people, even the ones that were in truth the “bad-guys”.  I understood why they became as they did and even though their methods weren’t quite kosher, I understood the vengeance and hunger that was the cause.  Some people I wished had been killed off and others I wanted to live.  Don’t think just because they are intricate members of the story that they are safe from death within this book.  I really enjoyed the read. 


From her website I found the following BIO:

A.L. Harris lives in Wisconsin but secretly wishes her closet traveled to Middle Earth and Narnia. When she isn't reading or drinking some kind of caffeine, she serves as the Marketing Director for Harris Storefront Realty, blogs regularly, and tweets frequently. She is passionate about literacy, believing no one should be without the power of words, and feels extremely blessed to have a chance to share her work. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.A. in Journalism.  


At any rate, if you are interested, look for it on Amazon beginning December 27, 2012.  Merry Christmas all!


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