Monday, January 14, 2013

Review - Nurse Blood

Today I am posting a review I completed for the book:  Nurse Blood by Rebecca Besser.  I have read many of Besser’s stories over the years, and this one does not disappoint.  Therefore, without further gilding of the lily, here it is:

Back Cover:
Sonya Garret is a nurse at the local hospital, but she has a side job trafficking in human ‘parts’ – what she makes in blood pays more than any salary. Hearts and livers, bone marrow and brains; they all sell great on the black market.

Drunk men at bars, prowling for any willing woman, are easy pickings when she goes looking for victims to chop up and sell.

One lucky night she picks up a man with a rare blood type, and after her team cashes in on him, they decide to go for the big money and ‘harvest’ his entire family.

Will the F.B.I. – who is hot on the trail of Sonya and her team as they cross the U.S., leaving a trail in blood and death – be able to catch up with them in time to stop the ongoing slaughter? Or will Nurse Blood get her money…again?

My Review:
Nurse Blood, by Besser, is a thrilling read for all of us fans of the horror genre.  The story takes you deep into the sick and twisted world of body snatching and black market organ selling.  You meet and connect with Sonya, nurse by day, ruthless killer by night.  However, Sonya wants more out of her life.  So together with her “co-workers” one being the man she loves and the other being a man she admires, she goes after one last body harvest, one last big payout, all for the slim chance of that life she wants with the man she loves. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  How can you not?  I found myself connecting with the bad guy (woman) and then cheering her on, even though she is out there viciously murdering people all for money.  I wanted her to get even, and I wanted her to achieve her dream, all the while taking bets on who would be next to die and whether or not she’d get caught in the end.  It’s crazy fun from page one and I loved every moment of it.  Bravo. 


Next week I will have author, Mariah Deitrick on my blog to share with us her upcoming YA release.  

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  1. I'm not a horror fan, but Yay! for Rebecca. And so glad you enjoyed her book =)