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Monday, June 27, 2011

Silver Maples anyone?

We finally had a few days without rain and what does that mean?  Outside work!  I would say BOOO! But I actually like being outside.  And working outside is fine by me as long as it’s not strenuous and backbreaking work.  We live out in the “country” on a lovely lot of acreage consisting of yard and several acres of forest surrounding the yard.  Sounds lovely right?  It is…in general.  The trees of the forest are pine trees and silver maple trees, tons of silver maple trees.  Full grown and huge.  Oh, there are a few white and pink crab apples here and there, but otherwise its pine and maple. 

Silver maples are a nice shade-producing tree.  A little on the branchy and root side, but the leaves are pretty which is where they get their name. 

Spring comes every year at our house and the maples leaf out very beautifully.  Then…..they seed.  Little tan seed helicopters dance down from the trees……in waves.  So many of them that on a windy day it looks like it is snowing.  In fact once they reach the ground they blanket the grass in mounds that you literally have to wade through.  They come in storms and leave a mess like you wouldn’t believe.  We mow and we sweep and we rake up the little buggars and still I see them spinning happily on the wind. 

Although I admit that some days its fun to watch their topsy-turvy decent to the ground, I am still always amazed at what damage and work a tiny seed can cause when multiplied by thousands. 

Bring on the summer.  I am sick of the seeds….



  1. When we were kids, we'd open up the seed pod, split the seed and stick the little helicopters on our noses.
    What can I say? We thought it was fun.

  2. LOL Denise. I never tried the whole nose thing. I've been missing out.

    Such beautiful trees! You need a huge vacuum for those suckers.

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous picture (the first one). I love it. I want to sit under that tree and read.

  4. Beautiful tree! But I'm sick of SUMMER!! We've had 30 days straight of over 90 degree weather. Bring on the fall is what I say!!

  5. Oh I wish I had those trees in my yard! Nothing but sticky pines and spindly oaks. And I live in the mountains! But the summer breeze is to die for, so .... I suppose it's okay. ;)