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Monday, June 13, 2011

End of a Blog Tour

Now that my blog tour is officially complete, I wanted to thank everyone that hosted me on my tour, took the time to read and review Shadow Dancer, as well as all the people that followed and commented.  Thank you, truly, sincerely.

I was asked just this morning what I thought of the whole blog tour thing.  Did I think it was helpful?  Did it get me new readers?  New fans?  New Followers?  The answer to all these questions is, yes.  The blog tour did its job of getting Shadow Dancer’s title out there for more people to see.  The blogs were fun and different and silly and entertaining all at the same time.  Each one was different which was what I was hoping for.  I am also the happy recipient of several new followers on my blog and twitter.  Plus, I received several lovely emails from new fans (Yay!).  I wont know if my book really had any increase in sales, but even if it didn’t, I am certain I received several, due in large part to the blog tour.

It was definitely work, but it was the good kind of work.  I actually enjoy my book and the characters, so having to immerse myself in Shadow Dancer to create the blogs and answer the interview questions was no hardship for me.  It was fun.  Time consuming and thought provoking, but fun all the same. 

Will I do one again for future titles?  Oh yes. 

What did you all think of the tour?  Where there posts you liked more than others?  Were there posts that were just…eh?  What are your thoughts in general?



  1. That's awesome pawsome on the fan mail and new followers. I managed to get into Thursday's link just now (deleted the first part of the url).

    I really enjoyed the character interviews and the discussion between Leif and Sunny. It's very interesting after reading Shadow Dancer and I think it's a neat insight to have if you haven't read it yet. You did good with your Leif and Sunny hats on. The reviews were very different in style and somehow all worked together. And then my favourite piece about you was the 'garage-sale items' from what you owned when you were a teen.

    My first blog tour! I've never been on-the-road before. Cheap gas too.

  2. Congrats on a successful blog tour, Courtney! They are fun.