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Monday, May 9, 2011

Sex in Movies

This weekend I rented the award-winning movie Black Swan.  After all the awards, and reviews, and acclaims of this movie, I was quite disappointed.  You have Nina, a ballerina that is focused on being the best, being perfect.  You have a whacked out mom who is focused on making her daughter perfect and staying sweet and wonderful.  You have an over bearing director that gives off the dirty old man vibe.  You have an older ballerina that is retiring for some strange reason and is not happy about it at all.  Then you have the new girl, that is a little too nice and a little too good and Nina believes is after her part as the Swan Queen.  All of that was great, sets up a great story, sets up a great plot…then you add in the oral sex, and the back alley sex, and the self-love and you get one icked out Courtney.  You can make a creepy psycho movie without all the gross in your face sexual content.  If I wanted to rent porn, I would have gone out to rent porn not a mental thriller.   The movie would have been so much better without all that crap in it.  The idea and the story were really good.  Why?

I watched the movie 127 hours.  It didn’t win anything really when it comes to awards or whatnot and that movie was FANTASTIC!  It was thrilling, exciting, scary, sad, funny and wonderful and you know what?  I can’t think of one moment of real sexual content.  I’m not saying there wasn’t any, but if there was, it had to have been so tame as to not even register.  Would a big naked butt have made the movie better?  Nope.  It would have just been a nice show for all the ladies to see James Franco’s hiney.  Yes, a nice moment, but unneeded in the movie for its purpose. 

So my thoughts on Black Swan.  Sucked!  My teenager that really wanted to see it, wasn’t able to, as heck no!  Ick ick ick! 

What’s the point of all the explicit sex in movies?  I don’t get it?  Really, I don’t.


  1. Quite frankly I didn't understand the premise of the movie itself.... Obviously Portman is struggling between two aspects of her own personality, but is the new girl really another person, or is she Portman's "bad" side? I was very confused.

  2. Hmmm...I think she was a seperate person, but she was also the personified bad person/side that Portman's mind created. I only say that as other people actually spoke to her and saw her not just Portman. Had it been like 6th sense where no other person actually had interaction with her I would say it was all Portman. I could be wrong. That's my take anyway.


  3. I couldn't agree more, Courtney. That should be listed as its own genre (thriller corn?), so I know what not to pick! It's like the minute a kid actor "grows up", they get them doing all this sexual stuff that has no relevance to the actual movie (not that I know what goes on exactly in this one, but either way, that's somebody's kid - I don't care how old you get!). It's to make the movie and the actress more popular, make their name in the industry? I don't know. But there are smarter ways to make a movie, and how the heck did they convince women (girls) that this crap is "liberating" anyway. Aye carumba.

  4. I refuse to go see this movie I heard the end is awful. She doesn't even do all the dancin herself she has a double. I want to see a real dancer than can act coming from a dancer herself. I haven't' even seen this movie and I know I won't like it. I hate to be negative but if there is R rated stuff like what you've described ick I don't want it. Nice post Courtney.

  5. Wow! I had no desire to see this movie before I read this, and now I'm definitely not going to. There's just no reason for that. I'm with you, Courtney.

  6. Well I'm glad I didnt waste my money going to see that either. Sometimes when the movie looks like it will be somewhat strange, but the critiques rave about it... I usually know it's really going to be awful. I sometimes really enjoy off the wall, strange movies but not ones that just add a bunch of no need, meaningless sex. Like the Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman movie Eyes Wide Shut. That was horrid!!
    I much more prefer movies that make you THINK there should be sex and make you WANT to see it happen, but all you really get is kissing with the sheets covered. I don't need to see anything more then that!!

  7. I had no idea it even had sex in it. I was tempted to see it but after what you said I have absolutely no desire to see it now. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. I heard the movie was fantastic but then again I have no desire to see either. I'm with you - when there is sex in a movie I always feel uncomfortable whether I am with my wife, friends, or family. Who would you want to be with when watching a sex scene?