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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Author Interview - Rebecca Besser

As promised, this week I would like to introduce to you, Author, and Editor, Rebecca Besser, who has generously agreed to allow me to interview her for my blog. 

So onward with the interview:

1.         Thanks for coming Rebecca.  So, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi, I'm Rebecca Besser, a house wife, mother, editor, and full time writer, and the author of the recently released zombie novella, "Undead Drive-Thru."

I write fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for various age groups and genres.

I'm a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature. My work has appeared in the Coshocton Tribune, Irish Story Playhouse, Spaceports & Spidersilk, joyful!, Soft Whispers, Illuminata, Common Threads, Golden Visions Magazine, Stories That Lift, Super Teacher Worksheets, Living Dead Presents Magazine, The Broke One, The Stray Branch, and The Undead That Save Christmas charity anthology. I have multiple stories in anthologies by Living Dead Press, Wicked East Press, and NorGus Press, and one in an anthology by Pill Hill Press and Hidden Thoughts Press. I also have a poem in an anthology by Naked Snake Press.

2.         What are you currently working on?

I'm currently working on co-editing End of Days 5: An Apocalypitc Anthology for Living Dead Press, and then I'll be working on editing Earth's End: A Scifi Apocalyptic Anthology, same press.

I also have some other collaborative projects going on. I've recently join in on the Collaboration of the Dead novel project, for instance, and get the honor of writing two chapters for the book. There are many, many more that I'm involved in... Oh, and I plan to work on my zombie novel some more, and I'm doing book reviews now.

3.         If you could be any character from any book, who would you want to be and why?

Wow! There's so many to choose from.... Honestly I don't know. I like to be with the characters I'm reading, and enjoy switching to different books and genres and experiencing something different. It's like we can live a new life with each book we read and explore.

4.         What inspired you to start writing?

I've always had a knack with the written word, and I have a horribly strong and inventive imagination. If I didn't write, I would prolly go insane! Does that mean my insanity made me do it? Awesome!

5.         Do you remember the very first story you ever wrote? What was it about?

I don't remember the first one I ever wrote, but I do remember the one I won my first prize for... It was in first grade and and it was about giraffes and why they had long necks. hehe

6.         What resource has been most influential in helping you become a published writer and why? How often do you refer back to it?

The course I took at the Institute of Children's Literature has been a tremendous help. Knowing the ins and outs of the submission process, and knowing the dos and don'ts, are good skills for any writer and I draw on the knowledge constantly.

7.         What is the thing you enjoy the most about writing.

Seeing what I can come up with and where a story will go. Just letting my imagination free to roam is like being on a high. You leave the limits of life and the world as we know it and literally anything is possibly. You can create an entire new world if you want to. Through your characters, you can create and be an entirely different person.

I think when you can carry your reader on the same limitless journey, you have the potential to be one of the great writers of the world, because it's easier said than done. But isn't that why most people like to read? To escape what is and explore what could be? It's truly an honor to be a part of that for other people.

8.         What are you doing when you are not writing?

Trying to keep up with everything else in life. I have a family that I love with all that I am, and they take up a HUGE chunk of my time.

9.         Who is your favorite author?

Jean M. Auel

A few fun questions that have nothing to do with writing:

1.         Chocolate or Candy?

Chocolate! Most of the time anyhow... hehe

2.         Summer or Winter?

Winter! I can't stand heat!

3.         If you were trapped on a deserted island, what 3 things would you have to have with you to survive?

A book on local plant and wildlife, a book on water purification/survival, and my family. Oh, wait, did I just go to Heaven? Sweet! hahaha

4.         What is your absolutely favorite movie of all time?

Again with the hard stuff.... I can't pick just one! I love lots of movies! I prefer comedy or action movies though, if that helps any at all.

5.         What are your thoughts on ebooks vs. print books?

Doesn't matter to me. But with the massive amount of people with ereaders and phones that can download ebooks, I think not being into ebooks is a bad thing. I prefer that books be available both ways and that we let the reader decide how they wish to enjoy the works. I love holding a book in my hands and turning pages, but I also know that if I had an ereader I would use it a lot. It's a win/win situation to have everything available to the consumer.

I would like to thank Rebecca for stopping over at my blog this week.  If you have any questions for her, go ahead and leave a comment, as she will be stopping over. 

So where can you find Rebecca Besser?  She has graciously provided me with the following:


  1. Undead Drive-Thru looks awesome! Wicked title. Thanks for this, Courtney... and Rebecca. :)

  2. Great interview, Courtney and Rebecca!

  3. Great interview. I can relate to so many of the things she said!!!

  4. Great interview, ladies! Good to get to know you a little, Rebecca.

  5. I love "seeing where the story will take me" too! It's really incredible to watch the characters develop and become something outside of yourself - despite the fact that you created them!

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed the interview.

    ladaisi - Characters always have a mind of their own. ;)