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Friday, November 26, 2010


My latest guest blog post is up.  I like this one.  It has pictures and everything.  You can find it here: When I'm not Writing

It’s the beginning of the holiday rush.  Thanksgiving was a nice break from work and the usual rush.  I lay in bed last night thinking how different the world has become since the first Thanksgiving.  Although the turkey maybe the same, what about the fish?  Yes there was corn, but where was the squash?  Pumpkin pie I don’t think counts.  When I think of the pilgrims I wonder what they were thankful for.  I would say maybe just to be alive, to have survived.  What are we thankful for now?  Truthfully?  From what I hear around me, I would say it all comes down to “stuff”.  As I sat last night watching tv, every commercial was about sales, and black Friday and buying.  It’s a bit disgusting actually.
Not that I am against presents, but the commercialization is overwhelming.  I refused to get up at three in the morning to save five bucks.  My sleeping is worth the money.  Besides lack of sleep and me just don't get along.  Really, we don't.  This year is just seems to be a bit worse than usual.  Some stores opened back up on Thanksgiving for pre-black Friday sales.  What the?  The poor employee’s of these stores didn’t even get to spend the whole holiday.  That’s horrible.  Yes we are in a tight economy and job market, so let’s take advantage of all the people that desperately need jobs and money right now.  It’s shameful. 
Yes, I will be going to stores as I can, and I will be buying what I intend to buy, all on the budget I set last January.  I will be sleeping in on my days off from work.  That’s what a holiday is to me:  A day off from work and getting to sleeping in.  I will also be spending time with my family, not in big crowds and long lines.  After all they are the gifts in this life that I cherish, nothing else is as important.

On a separate note:  The new Taylor swift album?  Wow.  I don’t think there is one song that I don’t like on it.  Just sharing. 

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  1. I am with you, seesta. When people are getting trampled on to get through the doors at Walmart, you have to wonder how far the human race has actually evolved since the pilgrims. They are trying to start the whole Black Friday thing up here this year! Trying to convince people to hand over all their dosh for Christmas; give the old economy a boost... it's going to be a good year for spending, apparently. Yeah right. Rates and prices have been increasing for pretty much everything (with "sales" on all the time); wages are the same as they were three years back (if you're lucky) and who wants to be adding to their debt right now? This is from the same government who denied Canada was heading into a recession in the first place. I wonder if they'll manage to convince people to go waste more money on Christmas this year. Bets, anyone? :P Working on Thanksgiving? Horrid. Okay, rant over.