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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Songs for Books

For those of you that have read Shadow Dancer, would you like to know what Sunny and Lief's song is?  Well I will tell ya, it's:  Love Remains the Same, by Gavin Rossdale.  How did this song get picked?  It is one that I heard on the radio at the time I was writing.  I liked it so much, I put it on my ipod.  Whenever I was writing a good romantic part for the book I would inevitably go to that song.  It stuck.  Now whenever I think of this book I think of that song.  I hear it on the radio and I see Sunny dancing in the dark of a bar. 

I am not one of those people that needs complete silence to write.  Which is a very good thing as my life is anything but silent.  I like the noise of people and life and I love the noise of music in the background.  If it is too quiet, I can't concentrate and will end up more often then not, plugging in my ipod and cranking it up.

Depending on the scenes I am writing or the characters, the music choices change.  War and battle scenes I want harsh classical (I know, I'm a bit weird now and then), love...well I want songs of feeling.  It doesn't matter if its country or rap, rock or pop, if it is a song with emotion all in it, I'll use it.

Some of my favorites?  Well just to name a few off the top of my mind....

Graffiti Eyes - by Stellastar
Let's Get Lost - by Beck and Bat Lashers
Just Breathe - by Pearl Jam
Yellow - by Cold Play
Sweet Disposition - by the Temper Trap

Tomorrow this list will be different.  Its every changing as with my day to day life.  Do you use music for inspiration?  What are some of your favorites?

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  1. I am so jealous that you can write with noise and commotion going on around you. It's the main reason I can't get any writing done! My train of thought it constantly broken - I can't get anywhere. Music, I can handle. War games, cartoons, the constant ramblings of a toddler I cannot. I could put earphones on, but then all the midgets would still need me to get this, do that, etc. That is pretty cool that a song inspired certain scenes. I might just have to make up a play-list. Certain music invokes quite the emotion. Thanks for sharing this tip!