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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Art of Tipping

I know everyone has their own stance on tipping.  Sometimes the debate gets heated and I admit, entertaining as all heck on-line.  Why is this on my mind?  Because it’s getting ridiculous.

My thoughts and opinions.  Notice I said “My”.

No, tipping is not required. Sorry, it's not. Yes, I completely understand that tipped persons get a lower minimum wage.  However, tipping is a show of a job well done.  If you do your job well, with a smile, I’m likely to tip very well.  If you are friendly and helpful, I will tip well.  If you check my needs, refill glasses, bring me napkins as you see I have a child in tow, and will likely be making a mess, I will tip you extraordinarily well. 

No, I do not hold my server or wait staff person responsible for the quality of my food.  That is the cook’s job, and their responsibility. 

No, I do not hold my server responsible for the restaurant; it’s cleanliness or whatever else.  That is the manager’s job and responsibility.

However, if you don’t come over to my table within 10 minutes of me sitting down to at least check on us and get my drinks, I’m going to be annoyed, but I will still tip.  If you take our order, and I never ever see you again until its time for my check, I’m not going to be pleased.  If your only job is to take my order, what am I tipping you for? I still will, but it may not be the 15% they  think they deserve.  If I have an issue with my food and you give me a hard time about it, you will be lucky to get any percentage of a tip.  It takes a lot for me to complain.  I will usually just not eat my food before complaining, but in the instance that I actually do say something, and you make me feel like crap over it?  Or you sigh and yank the plate off the table and stomp away like a child, yeah, I’m not tipping you crap. 

Plus what is with the tipping of carry out at restaurants?  No, really.  I don’t understand this at all.  They take an order, sometimes one placed on line, so you aren’t even talking to anyone.  It’s bagged up and waiting for you.  What am I tipping for?  I’ve already paid for it by phone or online, all I’m doing is picking it up. Am I required to tip?  Really?

What say you all?  


  1. I say, NOPE I'm not tipping for carry out. That's ridiculous and I refuse! I'm sorry they don't make enough money, but neither do I. I never get a tip for writing my books. Or giving away a free toy with my books. Or giving people free writing advise. But even if I did, I still wouldn't tip for carry out. I don't even know why we have to tip for delivery? All they did was drive to my house and hand me a pizza that I myself ordered online, and someone else made! Why does that deserve a tip from the consumer? I'm sick of tipping!

  2. I've been a waitress many times. It sucks. You get paid very little and run your butt off trying to please everyone who sits in your section. Like a lot of jobs, there is too much work and too little staff. So customers have to wait for refills while you grab someone else's food. Or someone waits for food while you're taking an order. It's an endless cycle. Because I've been there, I'm pretty tolerant. I'll put up with a lot before I complain or not leave a tip. when I do, it's based on the waitresses performance only.

    I can honestly say though that I would never eat out again if tipping ever stopped. What incentive do the servers have to treat you with respect and make sure your orders are correct if they made an hourly wage no matter what? Eating out would probably be unbearable. Money is a great motivator. Take that out of the equation and they wouldn't care one bit about whether your drink was filled, food cold, or how long you say there and waited for your food.

  3. Tipping for pick-up? What?! I'd rather see people getting a fair wage and not have to deal with all that baloney, personally. I'd eat out more if tipping stopped! LOL. You wouldn't be employed very long if you were that crap at your job...