Monday, April 18, 2016

Writer's Block...no, not really

It’s April 16, do you know where your taxes are?  Mine, thankfully are done and have been done for a whole week.  We didn’t procrastinate quite that long this year.  I know some of you are currently at the moment I am typing this, furiously clicking through PDF versions of your return trying to get them done before the deadline.  I feel for you.  Sincerely. 

So, since our minds are currently over loaded with income and interest and numbers from hell, I will keep this blog short so that those that need to, can get back to work!  We don’t want any penalties and interest being allocated this year. 

I know you are dying to know how the work is coming on book three in the Howl series.  Well.  Actually.  I’m stuck.  Yes really.  I hate killing off characters.  I know that sometimes we have to do it, as that is what the story calls for, but I hate to do it all the same.  I am staring at death in my book at the moment and feel stuck because I don’t want to move forward and face it. 

What will I do then?  I think I will start writing and work my way forward in the book to the point where my outline is stuck.  Maybe I will feel better about it once I have it all set up and see that there is nothing else to be done for it, but to bring on the end to someone. 

I’ve had to kill off characters in the past and some break my heart even if they are in fact the “bad” guy.  I wonder if that is just me?  I know some people think we writers laugh evilly when we do in a character, but I don’t.  I’m not saying I have never, but in general I don’t.  There was one character in my Shadow Dancer series that I enjoyed their demise.  I did.  I’m not telling who, if you haven’t read the books I don’t want to ruin it for you. 

Is it only me that is conflicted in death in a book or is it an issue all writers have to face?  Regardless I will get through the “stuck” and move forward one way or another. 


  1. I think I'm too inexperienced with longer stories to comment, but it must get harder the longer you've been involved with certain ones (especially in a series), I have to imagine. I guess it depends how they are going to die too, and making it realistic. That could stump a person (like me).

  2. Well since I have only written children's stories so far, death has not been an issue! But I guess I'm one of those people who always thought writer's that write paranormal or horror stories, enjoyed writing a characters death! It's refreshing to know that not all do enjoy it, but surprising. Guess you'd better go back and get mad at that character you have to kill off and maybe that will help you enjoy it more! lol

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