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Monday, December 7, 2015

It's the Most Wonderful Time...

18’ish days give or a take a day depending on when you are reading this, until Christmas.  I love Christmas, well that’s not entirely true.  I love parts of Christmas.  There are plenty of things about it, I hate with a purple passion, but today, it’s all about the good things I enjoy.  

I enjoy the excitement of trying to find good gifts for the people on my list that I love the most.  Kids are pretty easy. Adults are harder, but let’s face it Ladies, men are hard to buy for you.  You can only get so many screwdriver sets, or handsaws, before you get tired of that idea.  Then you hit the sports wear and outdoor tools, and it’s not as much fun anymore to find gifts for them.  I start looking around August for my husband.  Why? He’s hard.  I mean almost impossible, but sometimes, every once in a while I get an awesome gift for him.  Not all the time, in fact sometimes I bomb it.  For instance, last year, I thought I had the PERFECT gift.  It was an art piece, “bust” type thing.  It arrived on time, (added plus) and I opened it and…it was like 2 inches tall.  I was so upset as that was supposed to be his main gift and it sucked.  I was heartbroken.  He loved it.  Or at least he insisted he did.  This year, I may have sucked again, as I ordered way in advance, but forgot about my address changing and forgetting to update it on my payforit account, and…well we will see if it comes on time.  Darn it all.  But even with all that, it’s very fun to find something you know, just know someone will love.  So the hunt, that’s part of the holiday I like.

I also love all the food.  I mean, turkey dinner and leftovers and homemade noodles, and pie and cookies and pie!  I have to work really hard for the next three months to get rid of all that pie on my hips, but man is it worth it. 

Christmas morning with the children.  That is such a wonderful moment.  I love the excitement and the tearing and ripping of paper and the ooh and ahhs and the wow!  I love the light in the eyes of everyone.  I could sit back and watch that all day and not even think about opening one gift of my own.  I love children at Christmas.  I just do.  I wish I could bottle that feeling for the dark winter months when I get lost in the cold. 

What do you love about the Christmas?



  1. Christmas had gotten boring in my house until the grandkids came. Now, seeing their faces light up makes all the cooking, cleaning, decorating, wrapping, shopping, and baking all worthwhile.
    I'm the same way--I enjoy watching others open their gifts. As long as there's a Crayola product in my stocking, I couldn't care less if I receive anything else.
    My hubby is also hard to buy for. It's not very often I hit a home run with his gift choice. It's a year-long struggle to find the right thing, and most of the time, I don't find it. Oh well. Christmas is about sharing love with family and friends.

  2. My short answer is Baileys, that's what I like, and maybe a chocolate orange. Yes, Christmas is a time for stuffing your face and trying to avoid the shops! ;) Children (the ones on the Good list) definitely make it worth it, though.