Monday, December 14, 2015

Chaos of this time of the Year

My brain is a mess of unorganized thoughts, problems, and issues.  I have been trying to come up with a decent blog for several days now and I have nothing.  So today, you get the chaos that is my mind.

  1. Editing manuscripts.  I have two completed first drafts of novels on my desk that need my attention.  I spent last week working for one hour each night on the edit.  I don’t feel accomplished.  I don’t know why I hate editing so much.  I love the writing of a book.  The edit…is absolute torture.  I will get on it fellow readers.  I will.  I have some down time coming up and I will work hard to get at least one manuscript off my desk before January 1.  That’s my goal.  Will I reach it?  Not sure.

  1. Wrapping Presents.  Why is wrapping such a time sucking chore?  Plus, why is it only my job?  I have wrapped approximately ¼ of the gifts.  I can’t bring myself to sit down and do the rest.  Maybe that’s why I was able to edit last week.  I was procrastination the wrapping.

  1. Cookies.  My gma makes me cookies every year for Christmas.  The best cookies ever.  The problem is, that I tend to eat them all.  I had four for breakfast!  This is a problem, esp. since with my busy life at the moment I don’t have time to get to my zumba class.  All those cookies are sitting in my gut procreating fat cells as we speak. 

  1. Social events.  I am dreading them.  They always sound like a good time until the time comes to actually attend.  Then I get ill at the thought of going.  I have so many that I have been invited to and I’m having a hard time getting together my strength and will.  Can I just attend by phone?  Do people really need to see me?  I’ll ship all the gifts and foods I have for all the events.  The funny thing is that most people wouldn’t even miss me.  I sit in a side chair and don’t talk a whole lot. Why must I attend?  Maybe this is why I have a cookie addiction.  I’m eating my anxiety of the events to come. 

  1. Birds and Squirrels and Foxes oh my.  One nice relaxing pastime lately is that I have the bird and squirrel feeders up. They are coming in droves to feast at my new house.  I am very happy about this.  Esp. as the birds include blue birds (not the blue jays) and red headed woodpeckers.  I find myself sitting in that window for quite a bit of time in the mornings, simply gearing up for the day.  It’s nice.  Haven’t seen the red fox lately.  I think he comes through around dusk and as I’m not getting home now until dark, I’m missing his race through the yard.  The days will start to get lighter earlier so maybe I will see him again soon.

That’s it for me this week.  Hopefully my brain will settle down in the next week or so and I will have something interesting to discuss.  For now, this is all you get.  Have a great week everyone.



  1. Ha! I was just complaining to myself about the wrapping. I do ALL the wrapping. You'd think someone would say, "Hey! Let me do that for you!" but NO! They tell me, "But you're so good at it!" Maybe this year, I'll wrap everybody's gifts in toilet paper. Who am I kidding? They wouldn't care, and toilet paper is so much more expensive than wrapping paper. Sigh. I guess I'll do it...

  2. 3. Mmmm, cookies.

    4. This is where a robot double would come in very handy, programmed with random responses such as: "shocking"..."I couldn't agree more"..."you never did, did you?"..."and then what happened?"

  3. Eat those cookies, girl!! You always have 2016 to lose them again. Good for you working on two manuscripts! You are a busy lady, but try to enjoy the hussle and bussle of Christmas anyway. Make that husband help!! Yeah, right. I'm with CarrieBoo, we all need a robot double or three or four!