Monday, November 9, 2015

Just a random blog day

I don’t dance.  I know a lot of you know that my tiny dancer, however, does.  A lot…  It’s not that I don’t like dance, I simply can’t.  I have two left feet, and gravity hates me.  I do have a few memories as a kid of dance class that have been on my mind lately.  Don't know why, but nonetheless, they are there.  

Dance class was at the community center.  I don’t know much more about it other than that’s where it was.  Did it cost money?  No idea.  How many times a week was it?  Again, no idea.  What I do know is that it was held in an old building converted into the community center.  The room that held the class seems HUGE to my little form.  It had wooden floors, like you would find in a house.  Not a “dance” floor with special flooring, just hard wood. There is a smell every now and then that I catch when I go into old buildings that tickles forward my dance memories.  It’s old and dusty and something else, maybe dead mouse for all I know, but once in a while, I catch a whiff and I am transported back.  It’s not much of a memory.  But what I see is always the same. 

The windows in that old room were big, with individual square panes.  The window frames were large in that I could sit up in them in the sunshine that always seemed to be trickling through.  I loved to sit in those windows.  The dust in the air highlighted by the sunshine flowing through the air.  The warmth of that yellow light against my skin is still to this day one of my fondest memories.  I could pretend I was someone special sitting up in those windows, getting ready for class. 

There isn’t much more to my memories.  My sister took class with me.  I liked the song “Magic” but not the one by Olivia Newton John, the “other one” which the teacher didn’t have.  I don’t know if I had dance shoes or if we just danced in what we had or in nothing at all.  It really is only those windows that have stuck with me through the many many years since. 

Sometimes when I am writing a seen in an old building, that is the memory I pull from.  I wonder if that room is as big and grand as I remember it in my little girl brain.   If it’s not, then I don’t want to know.  I like seeing myself in that big window, the sun on my head, shining down through my hair as I wait for class to begin. 

FYI the “Magic” Song, is:  You Can Do Magic, by America.  I still love that song. 

Just a reminder, The Full Moon Rises releases in…less than a week!!!!!  Aren’t you excited?


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  2. Hey, there's a close up shot of you! :) Very nice.

    The way you remember the colours and the light and the smell (even if it was mouse poop) is lovely.

    Yes, I am! That's only a few days. Oh my.