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Monday, September 1, 2014

Character Interview - Cinder

A new week, and a holiday to start it off and I am on top of it.  Shocker, I know.  I am off to look at other people’s junk at garage sales.  Will I find anything I can’t live without?  Doubtful, but it fun all the same. 

But first, I promised Cinder’s interview. 

1.  Hello, Cinder  Why don’t you start off, by telling us a little bit about yourself.

There isn’t a whole lot to tell.  My mother is Star, who is a shadow walker, and was once the queen’s best friend.  My father is a man of the Fire Realm.  So that means I am part walker and part fire. 

2.  What does that mean in the way of gifts or powers if you will?

Well, I can shadow like any other walker can.  I can even realm jump, which is fun.  I don’t feel trapped in any one place.  I like it.  Then from my father, I have the gift of healing, but it’s a bit different than most of the Fire People.  They can simply lay their hands on someone and they are healed.  I have to sorta pull the healing from inside myself and push it into the wounded.  It doesn’t always work, and I haven’t really figured it all out yet, but if I don’t have some kind of connection with the person, it’s very hard to get the healing to work.  I’m working on it.  I’m the only one with this issue, so it’s not like I can go to anyone for help in figuring it out. It’s all me.

3.  What is your connection to Sunny?

My mom and her mom were besties.  The Queen, Sunny and I are friends.  She has Leigha and others from the Water Realm that are maybe closer, but we are friends at least.  I am also part of the guard, and she counts on me to get things done that others maybe wouldn’t.  I’m a good tracker and according to my father, I’m a bit tenacious.  Although I am not entirely certain what that means.  It sounds like a good thing.

4.  What about Leif?  What do you think of him?  Are you blushing?

No!  It’s just that he’s sorta mysterious.  Sunny, the queen, talks about him all the time and he sounds…wonderful.  You know what I mean?  Dark and dangerous and someone that’s deep.  If he wasn’t such a jerk, I wouldn’t mind sitting down with him and talking.  I bet he knows some cool stuff.  He’s been everywhere.  He goes to all the realms.  He knows everything there is to know about combat and stuff like that. 

5.  You sound a bit taken with him.  You do know he tried to kill Sunny, right?

It wasn’t like that.  You weren’t there, so you wouldn’t know.  Sunny said it was an accident, and if she can not be mad at him, then why do I have to be?  I’m not taken with him, either.  He’s not very friendly and besides, no on really knows where he is anymore.  I’m going to find him though.  Sunny asked me too. I am not about to fail the queen.  His butt is mine. 

There you have it. I think Leif may have a run for his money with Cinder on his tail. 

One last note:  Shadow Fire has released!  I know, I know it wasn’t suppose to be until next week, but lucky us!  It’s out.  Here are the links for you to purchase.  Go now!  I will have an official release blog next week, but for the loyal readers, you get an early look. 


  1. Yay!!! School starts AND your new book is out. It's all happening. The Leif/Cinder dynamic is going to be good! Congrats, Courtney. :)

    1. I always say, it's the little things in life that are the most exciting. School and a new book. Yes, it's all good.

  2. Congrats on the book release! I love your character interviews. I think Cinder may be one of my favorites.

    1. Cinder is quite entertaining actually. She has a bit of spunk to her, that I wish I had at her age.