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Monday, July 21, 2014


Welcome to the heart of Summer.  I am fresh back from vacation and far from rested.  Have you ever noticed that you kind of need a vacation after a vacation?  We spent 8+ days down South in Florida for both family time at Disney and also attending a national competition for dance. 

What did I learn on my holiday?  First and foremost, that although I love, love, love the sun.  It hates me.  It didn’t matter what I did, or what sunscreen I used, every day I got burned and crispy and sick.  By the end of the trip I refused to go outside.  No really, refused.  We ended up spending the days at the museum of science.  We still had fun, but really.  What the heck?  I then spent the week peeling like a lizard and itching like crazy.  Why do you hate me, sunshine?  Why? 

Second, that some of these young dancers are just awesome.  Their dedication, their determination, their…soul, is just awesome.  I was happy watching all the dancing and seeing how good and how great some of these groups and lines were.  It was a fun event and a learning experience.  Our company did very well.  We could always do better, but for this event, we did well. 

Third, even though I had the best of intention, I did absolutely no writing the entire time I was away.  I brought new fun pens and a new fun notebooks to temp me into writing, but alas, I didn’t.  Not one single word.  However, I did spend a bit of time in my head plotting and working on issues.  That is part of the job, but I would have felt better had I spend even just an hour working.  I didn’t.  So this week, I am working extra hard to try to finish up my current WIP.  I am on the home stretch where I have to tie up all loose ends and give a climactic ending all at the same time.  There will be blood, there will be violence, there will be sadness.  Oh yes, I got this.  I will be working hard this week and maybe part of next, but this first draft will be done by the end of the month.  It will.

Here are a few photos of my holiday for you entertainment:

Proof of the sun's hatred.  

A day at Disney's Animal Kingdom, my favorite of the parks.

You know you are a dancer, when...

 The ever elusive, Seren. Get a peek now, as her photos on line are few and far between.

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  1. You poor thing! You love the sunshine so much, and it loves you too! It just loves you TOO much.
    All mothers deserve an after-vacation vacation. After all, we are the ones doing most of the planning, packing, unpacking, making sure everyone eats, keeping everyone on schedule, making sure everyone has fun, and then packing, unpacking, and laundry. But it makes great memories for the family. :)
    Sorry you didn't get a chance to write, but I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation.
    Oh, and Seren....gorgeous girl!