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Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer of Zombie 2014 SPOTLIGHT ON: Mark Tufo

Summer of Zombie 2014 SPOTLIGHT ON: Mark Tufo

1.         What is your latest zombie release?

Zombie Fallout 7 - For The Fallen - October 2013
Zombie Fallout 8 - Tentative Release is August 2014


2.         Quick description of it (no spoilers)

Well there’s zombies.

3.            Something unique about it.

Michael Talbot (that will make more sense once you hopefully get the first book)

4.         Links for people to purchase it.



5.         Your promo links.


6.         Your short Bio.

Mark Tufo was born in Boston Massachusetts. He attended UMASS Amherst where he obtained a BA (and an advanced degree in partyology) and later joined the US Marine Corps. He was stationed in Parris Island SC, Twenty Nine Palms CA and Kaneohe Bay Hawaii. After his tour he went into the Human Resources field with a worldwide financial institution, after beginning his climb up the corporate ladder he found himself laid off. His wife, Tracy who was desperate to keep him out of her hair dared him to write a book, and the Zombie Fallout series was born.

He wrote the first installment of the Indian Hill trilogy in college, it sat in his garage until July 2009 when he published it on Kindle. Mark is currently working on the continuation of the ZF series and a new book due out in June of 2014. He lives in Maine with his wife, three kids and two English bulldogs.

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The stench of rotting flesh is in the air! Welcome to the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour 2014, with 33 of the best zombie authors spreading the disease in the month of June.

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  1. Thank you tracy otherwise there be no Talbot and henry and of mark you are the first favorite and ho or to meet you guys keep up the good work

  2. Ok...knew all that excecept for 7 and 8's dates...I'm a poet and I don't even know it :) I'm only on book 3! Go Talbot! I picked him as one of the people I'd want in a zombie apocalypse.

  3. Well since I write fuzzy, sweet picture books, I can't really relate to zombie's. However, since Mark worked in Human Resources (I did too for 8 yrs.) maybe zombie writing wouldn't be so foreign to me after all!