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Monday, June 9, 2014

Angry World?

Is it just me, or does it feel like the world is just a whole lot angrier now, than it used to be?  People have less patience, and seem to be more demanding.  I think of all the people that you see railing at the poor McDonald’s worker.  “How hard is it to push a button!?”  Well, it’s easy to push a button, but that one worker, that is being screamed at, did nothing but place the order and take your money.  There is a bagger, the person that grabs it all up and stuffs it into a bag.  There is the “chef” (which I use the term loosely), who makes the main products, such as the burgers or chicken sandwiches, or whatever.  Then you have the frier, and the drink maker.  If one person gets it wrong, in the entire line of people trying to get your order together, the only person getting yelled at is the one that has basically nothing to do with it.  Whenever I see the irate, I always wonder, did they never work fast food?  I think that should be a requirement in life.  Everyone must work a fast food or customer service type job while a teenager for at least one year.  I think the world would be a nicer place if you realized what a crappy and thankless job it is. One full of angry people over a burger that cost but a few bucks.  It’s not a national crisis people.  Take a breath. 

I drive to and from work, daily.  I can’t tell you how many times in one day that I see that one furious driver screaming out their window, flipping people off, honking horns, and weaving insanely through traffic.  Why are they so angry?  If they are late, how is that my fault or the fault of the little old lady up in front, that is just trying to get to her doctor’s appointment.  She by the way left a half an hour early, just to be sure she wasn’t late.  People say, you just don’t understand.  Oh, believe me, I do.  I schedule my day in minutes.  It takes me 20 minutes to get home, if I am lucky 18.  It takes me 15 minutes from there to the dance studio and then 12 minutes from the studio back to work.  That means I can use my lunch hour to work around dance classes.  If I can time it right, I may just end up with 5 whole minutes to scarf down a bologna sandwich to get through the day.  As I said, I schedule by the minute.  If I get behind the little old person that is going 35 in a 55, well then I most likely wont get my sandwich, however, I will still be on time and I will still have my daughter where she needs to be, all the while enjoying the fact that I have a car and that I am able to do it. 

I have been called “Pollyanna” more times in my life than I care to admit, however, I am a whole lot happier, thinking on the bright side of things, rather than sitting in the stew of the bad.  Am I always the happy person?  No.  Of course not, but I refuse to let the things I can’t control rule my life.  I refuse to ruin someone else’s day, because mine isn’t going so well. 

This is what is on my mind today.  Nothing to exciting, but there you have it.  


  1. Love this post. More people need to think this way.

  2. I agree that this world is getting angrier and angrier. With all the new technology out there we are getting too used to doing everything fast, easy, and with not much effort on our part. We are getting lazier and lazier and angrier and angrier when we actually have to show some patience! We expect everything to get done with the click of a button. And when it doesn't and we have to wait a few seconds, like in the old days...well we just have no tolerance for that anymore.

    I never worked fast food but I have worked in the customer service field and always hated it. People can be so rude!