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Monday, February 20, 2012

Book Recommendations - End of a Blog Tour

Thank you everyone who took part in my Virtual Blog Tour hosted by Goddessfish.com.  Aside from a snaffu here and there with Blogger causing issues, the tour went off extremely well.  The turnout of commentors and enterants into the contest was more than I imagined.  I am so pleased and so very greatful to everyone who stopped buy.

The winners of the Amazon Gift Certificates are:  Karen H. and Lyra L7.  If you have not already received my emails to you, please contact me ASAP.

Thanks again to everyone who supported the tour. 


As some of you already know there was an issue with Thursdays post (2/16/2012).  I have decided to post it here so that it doesn't go to waste.  

Book Recommendations
By Courtney Rene

I love to read.  I don’t mean it’s an enjoyable pastime for me.  I mean I LOVE to read.  I would spend every waking moment with my nose buried in a book if it was plausible.  As for recommendations, well, my book recommendations change all the time, but for this moment in time, here are a couple that have made my list. 

And…I broke them out a little differently.  This is not just your everyday ‘top’ list.  This is a list by Genre.  That way there is something for everyone.  I have also provided Amazon links just on the off chance you want to check any of these reads out. 

Okay, here we go…

1.         Ride the Wind, by St. Clair.  I have been recommending this book for several years.  I just love this book.  It’s historical, it’s thriller, it’s horror, and it’s romance.  It’s fiction and yet its non-fiction.  In a word, it is fantastic. American Indian heritage at its best and its worst.  Ride the Wind 

2.         The Harmony Series by Jodi Thomas.  These are easy reads.  Not all that much in the way of the “S” word but very entertaining.  It is full of people that you can get attached to.  From the young all the way to the old and all that’s in between.  I do believe there will be another book added to this series but I can’t tell you when.  I hope it is soon as I could use a nice read.

3.            Spinners, by Donna Jo Napol. This is the tale of Rumplestilskin from the point of view of, Rumplestilskin.  This is an amazing telling and a take on the story that I never would have thought of.  Phenomenal read.  If you have not read this, go and do it.  Now. Seriously.

            Gone, by Michael Grant.  This book could also be considered both paranormal and horror.  Michael Grant is no shrinking violet when it comes to gore and the scary.  It’s an end of the world as we know it book only with children being the only ones left to rule their world.  Great, vivid telling of a book.   

4.            Windmills of the Gods, by Sidney Sheldon.  I don’t know what I expected when I picked up this book.  It was one that had been recommended to me, and frankly sat on my TBR pile for months before I finally cracked open the binding.  It begins with a bang and all the way through it is nail biting action.  I should have read this long ago. 

5.         I had a hard time thinking of a good recommend for Horror.  There are so many that have gone the way of just blood and guts, which I like but that is not actually scary for me.  I had to go back a ways to come up with good scary reads.  So my picks in the horror department are:

Lightening, by Dean Koontz. 

The Mist, by Stephen King. 

You can’t go wrong with either of these authors.  These two books are two of my favorites. 

6.         Small Pig, by Arnold Lobel.  This is a sweet story about an unhappy pig that runs away from home, goes to the big city, and realizes that home is where he belonged all along.  I love this book.

Junie B. Jones, Barbara Park.  This series is fun to read even as an adult.  The zany Junie B. Jones cracks me up with some of her antics.  It is also an easy learning to read type of book. 

7.         Get Out of My Life, but First, Could you Drive Me and Cheryl to the Mall, by Anthony Wolf, PhD.  The best parenting book for teens that I have found.  Whether you have a boy or a girl, this is a must read.  Better if you read it BEFORE they hit the teen years, but just as helpful if you wait until you are struggling with a hormonal nightmare.

That’s all I have for now.  However, if anyone is ever in need of a book recommendation, feel free to drop me a line and ask me.  I am very opinionated and happy to give my thoughts to any that want them, and sadly to some that don’t. 



  1. Congrats on all the great interviews and to the winners!

  2. Looks like a great roundup of books. I'm particularly intrigued by Ride the Wind. Thanks for the recommendations!

  3. Glad the tour was a success (of course!). Congrats to the winners. And I'm glad I got to see Thursday's post... that's a beauty list. I will have to see what I can find.

  4. Very cool! I'm glad you posted this anyway. Blog tours are always tricky. Something is bound to go wrong. You handled it well, Courtney. :)

  5. Thanks for all the recommendations. Sounds like you had a great success on your tour. :)

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  7. Excellent recommendations, all! I would love for you to take part in my book questionaire blog series, you'll have seen a few of them posted up now and then ... let me know if you're interested!