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Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome to 2012

We made it into the new year of 2012!  Yay!  We have to make this one a good one, esp. since we are all going to die in December (Thank you Mayans).  I personally don't think the world is going to end this year, and frankly if I am wrong, I will be dead and wont have to hear all the "I told you so's" anyway.

Goals for the year?  I have decided to not do goals this year.  I do however have a list of things that I am going to try to do better. 

1.  I am going to read more.  I used to read a book every day or two.  Now I am lucky to read one a week.  I miss it.

2.  I am going to try to not sweat the small stuff.  So I was two whole minutes late out the door this morning.  Yes, we had processed food three times last week!  Oh no!  The laundry is behind again!  Gasp!  I will not stay up all night to get caught up, I will just have to catch up tomorrow.

3.  I am going to try to say no, when I want to and not feel guilty into saying yes.  For instance:  Yes, I make cakes, and I decorate them, and if I have the time and the desire, I will happily make you one for free.  If I don't feel like it or really just don't have the time, I am not going to say yes, just because I know it is what you want to hear. 

4.  The weeds can wait but the butterflies can't.  I am going to spend more time doing the things I want to do (catch lightening bugs in the gloaming, run wildly through the park being chased down by my children, sit down and play a 3 hour game of monopoly with my family) and not the things that I HAVE to do (the list is endless, dishes, laundry, bills, work, cooking, cleaning........).  Yes all the necessary things will all still get done, but it will be on my schedule and not someone else's idea of what my schedule should be. 

That's really all.  I suppose I should add exercise more and eat better, but I'm not.  I try to do that everyday.  I don't need it on my list to taunt me.  Some days I will and some days I wont.  That's life and I intend to enjoy mine, esp. since the world is coming to to a end in 12 months time.

Did anyone set goals or resolutions for the new year?  If so, what are they?



  1. You'll be dead anyway... LOLOL! You let me know how that saying "no" to cake making goes for you... I will be rootin' for ya. Those are some great resolutions. I feel like I'm not enjoying the little things due to thinking about what I think I should be doing, too. I need to stop that. That's probably my biggest goal. And just enjoy lots of nothing!

  2. Well said!

    At home I am doing decent about not sweating the small stuff, but at work it is a different story. I understand how things can get you down. It is good to have a plan! I wish I could read a book in a day. As it is I am just happy to read one in a month. Which that isn't too bad, if I oculd keep that standard that would be 12 books a year.

    And you should never do something for free that you don't wanna do.

    Good luck, sounds like you are on a great path!

  3. Ha ha ha, you crack me up!! I love your resolutions, goodluck with those!! Especially not sweating the small stuff. I'll check back with you in a week or so and see how THAT is going. LOL I think your resolutions are a great plan though and very wise and I do wish you tons of luck.