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Monday, January 30, 2012

How's Your Year Going So Far?

First a bit of housekeeping.  Beginning February 12, 2012 through February 18, 2012 I will be neck deep in a blog tour hosted through Goddessfish.com. 

Stay tuned for blog addresses and dates.  They will be coming soon. 

March 10th I will be attending the Tucson Festival of books in…..Tucson.  I have two panels I will be taking part in on March 10th as well as two time slots for meet and greet and autographing.  If you will be in the Tucson area at the university on the 10th come and hunt me down.  I will love to say hello.  For more information on the festival you can go here: http://tucsonfestivalofbooks.com/

It’s the end of January, already!  At the beginning of the New Year, I put together a list of a few things that I planned on doing better this year.  I decided to do an update of how those things are going for me. 

1.             Thankfully I am reading more.  Yay!  As of today I have read 9 books for the year.  I am reading 2 more and have a list of MUST reads already going. 

2.         Sadly I am still struggling with the small stuff.  I almost think its because I am cooped up inside and the small stuff is staring me in the face.  Like last night for instance, it was late, I was tired and instead of going to bed like any normal person, I had to first, do that last load of laundry and put away the dishes.  I think I am going OCD. 

3.         I have however been able to say the big word “NO” with a bit more ease.  I said no to helping set up a website for a “friend”.  That was easy as I suck at websites.  Code and boxes and html….way way over my head.  But then I also said no for the first time EVER to a cake request.  I was so proud of myself until that is, I said I would do whatever I could to help out.  What is wrong with me?  Am I not busy enough?  That “no” word is so hard.  It feels mean.  I don’t like it. 

4.  I am excelling at spending more time doing the things I want to do.  It may not seem like it, if you read 2 and 3 above, but I am.  Really.  For instance, I have left the branches and sticks that fell to the ground over the last few weeks due to the wild wind and rain.  It’s been really hard as I see them every time I go outside.  I have also set up a 1000 piece puzzle that my 10 year old and I have been working on and I have left it..in the living room.  GASP!  All in all I am doing many of the little things that I needed to make me a bit happier in my daily grind of life.  That’s all I was looking for in this one.  So I am doing well. 

All in all the year is shaping up pretty well.  What about you?  Have you already chucked out your resolutions and plans for the year?  I’m still working hard on my goals, so far.  Next month could be different.


  1. That's funny as one of my goals is to not let the small OCD things get to me so much. I still cringe when I walk past some white cat hair on the floor, or stuffing from a stuffed toy my dogs chewed to death on the floor. I can now let them stay right where they are until I'm damn well and ready to clean them up. And I havent died from it yet!! but I don't know how long it will last.
    Congrats on all your successes so far this year. The Tuscon thing will be awesome and I'm so excited for you. And please make sure to remind us all when your blog tour begins as I definitely want to check in when I can.
    And don't knock yourself up so much for having trouble saying "no". Most NICE people do have that problem, that's why they are so nice and nice... is a good thing.

  2. You said "no" to cake-making! :-O Excellent progress! Next time maybe you won't even offer to help out with one.

    I think it's cool that you're big event is on my birthday! That makes me getting older easier to swallow somehow.

    I did that with a jigsaw puzzle once. It was horrific-ly hard to do, a kazillion pieces, all blue ocean and blue skies, with blue-grey dolphins... and it turned out that pieces were missing! But for a few weeks, we lived (shock horror) with this thing on the dining table.

    Strangely enough, I don't have a problem leaving laundry indefinitely...

  3. It is hard to say no! Why is it so hard to say no? I'm really proud of you and the effort you're making there ... I admire it immensely.