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Monday, November 7, 2011

Writing a Novel – Shadow’s End.

This year I am taking part in NANO. NANO is a month long event every November wherein authors from around the country sit down to write a novel or at least 50,000 words or more of a novel.  It runs from November 1 to November 30 each year.  We have 30 days, to write our 50,000 words. 

This year I am taking on NANO, for the first time I might add, and using the opportunity to write the last book in the Shadow Dancer series.  The title, very loosely named at this point, is Shadow’s End.  As of today, November 7, 2011, at a word count of 6,950, I am already 3,400 words behind schedule. Yikes!  I hope to get at least partially caught up today. 

When writing a novel, as some of you already know, I am not an outline person.  I sit down, and begin: Once Upon A Time, and then continue to trek right though until I reach the end.  Oh I have a general idea of what needs to happen or what I want to have occur, but in the end, I simply let my characters run where they may.  I am just as surprised by how my stories turn out as my readers are at times, due to my characters having taken a strange u-turn along the way.  That is one of the best parts about writing in my opinion.  The journey, the thrill, the surprise, the WTH?  

I love writing new stories.  The editing…not so much.  I hope to have a firm first draft of Shadow’s End by November 30.  I can’t wait to see how the story ends.  I hope it’s a good ending.  I don’t know yet.  We’ll just have to see, eh?

Anyone else doing NANO this year?  How is it going?  Are you fairing well?  Are you ahead or behind in your word count?  Want to buddy up?  You can find me under (no surprise) Ctnyrene.  Have a great week everyone. 



  1. Lots of luck! :) hope to see it finished.

  2. One of these years I might attempt Nano. At the moment I'm just happy to survive through November. ;) I'm sure whatever is concocting in that brain of yours, consciously and subconsciously, will knock my socks off!

  3. Wow, I love the title "Shadows End" perfect!! Goodluck writing your brains out in Nano. I'm not sure I will ever be to the point where I can participate in that so I'm in awe of anyone who can. Go get em, Tiger!