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Monday, November 14, 2011

Nano - Week Three

As I said last week, I am participating in Nano this year - which means I don’t have the time I normally do to blog.  Therefore this week and most likely next and the next you will get a bit of randomness from me.  So what's on my mind today?

1.  Mondays in Nano-land are rough for me.  I am always, ALWAYS behind in word count on Mondays because I just don’t have the time to write during my weekends.  I didn't write one single stinkin word this weekend so again I am 3400 words in the crapper.  Darn it all! 

2.  Pumpkins.  Did you know that those little pie pumpkins have and make a TON of pumpkin puree?  I have so much pumpkin tidbits in the kitchen thanks to one measly pie pumpkin.  That includes Pumpkin Muffins, Pumpkin Pie, and Pumpkin bread.  AND I still have some puree left.  What...the...heck?  I am going to try pumpkin cheesecake one day this week and see if I can use up the rest. 

3.  Thanksgiving.  With all the noodle making, and turkey preparing, and stuffing fixin, I wonder if anyone thinks about the reason for the holiday anymore.  If you ask my teenager, she will say Thanksgiving is all about the FOOD, the best holiday EVER!  If you ask my little one, she will say its extra days off of school and work.  I think we are missing something....

4.  Reading.  I miss reading.  I haven't read anything in 14 days.  Most likely I wont read anything either for another 16.  I have at least 8 books sitting on my kindle calling my name and I don’t have the time to even look at them.  Nano is rough in more ways than I realized.

5.  Uggs.  I really want a new pair.  I don’t care if they are boots, or moccasins or what, I just need a new pair.  Its getting really cold and I hate chilly feet.  They should make a heeled ugg so that I can wear them to work without having to change into more "appropriate" work gear. 

Well that's it for today.  I am now off to Acadia to deal with firepeople, blue fairies, see if I can hunt down a shadow guardian, and figure out how to defeat a king.  Have a great week everyone.  See ya next.



  1. Courtney, it only takes one good day to make up for that word count. Relax. You'll get there.
    Heeled Uggs! LOL. That would be something to see.
    Hey, when is the sequel to Shadow Dancer coming out?

  2. Kelly: Shadow Warrior comes out March 2012. Not much longer....


  3. Court, could you serve the pumpkin to your family as a veggie, like winter squash? Would they eat it? Mebbe with cheese or with butter and brown sugar? (Me, I'd rather have more pumpkin bread--nomnom--but if you're tired of baking... )

    I am very much enjoying picturing you in high-heeled Uggs. Yes!

  4. I like that pumpkin medley idea of Kate's. Didn't you buy a pair of Uggs last year?

    So, what happens if you don't make the word count? And what happens if you do...

  5. I want Uggs too! Why are they so dang expensive ... Best of luck with nano! Let us know how it goes.

  6. I haven't accomplished much today either but I did run across a pumpkin meringue pie recipe.

  7. Kate - I atually already made two loaves of the bread....which is why am looking for something else. Plus when I puree'd it, I added spice and such so I'm kinda stuck with the dessert area for this pumpkin. Next time I will know better.

    Carrie - Nah, my daughter got a pair of uggs last year that I have stolen....but this year I want my own. I hate having to hide my daughters shoes from her. Hahahaha.

    Christine: Send the recipe on over! I would love to give that whirl.


  8. I love Uggs and pumpkin cheesecake. Hope you make your word count for today!!