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Monday, October 3, 2011

Ten Things About me - A Meme

First a quick thank you to Carrie for the blog award http://carrieoncarryingon.blogspot.com/.  Thank you so much for thinking of me.  I hope I can live up to your award.  I will do my best. 

Here is a quick look at the award:

Courtney Rene - Courtney has been publishing-up a fictional storm with her stories and novels for young people, with a side helping of non-fiction... just because she can. And she has excellent advice about raising kids (that would make for a wicked column).
Be sure to hope over to her blog to see who else and what else she found to award.
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Ten Facts of her Life – A Meme.

This week I decided to take part in a meme that I found  Here.  Why? You ask?  As I am not normally the meme type.  This week, my brain needed something a bit easier.  See I am neck deep in a final revision of Shadow Warrior.  It would normally be a nice easy read for me, but I think when I converted it from Windows 7 to XP it made it all goofy and hard to read or find any mistakes.  So I am struggling a bit and it’s taking longer than it should.  I am not a fan of 7…

At any rate, here at the ten facts about me, that you may or may not know. 

10.       I’m a bit of a hermit.  It’s not that I don’t like people, it’s that I don’t like to meet NEW people.  I’m not a snob and I am not “uppity” I just don’t do well in new environments and with strangers.  I will say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, or fall down. 

9.         I like to make glass beads.  Like from scratch I mean.  With a glass stick and a flame.  I’m not exceptionally good at it, but I get better all the time.  I have even sold a bead or two on ebay to collectors. 

8.         I have a tank top addition.  90% of the time I am wearing one.  Just plain or under my sweaters, under my t-shirts, as pj’s, to exercise in, whatever.  I have about 50 of them at this point.  It started out that I wore them under my sweaters in the winter to add an additional layer for heat, but then it carried over to spring and so on and now I just always wear them.  I maybe need to break that habit…

7.         I dream in color.  I didn’t know that was strange until I was an adult.  I thought everyone did.  Apparently I’m weird in my dreams as well as in real life.

6.         I’m left handed and like it that way.  Although my grandmother tried her hardest to break me of that terrible habit, I remain to this day, a lefty.  Neither of my children are.  I was kinda hoping one of them would be, but no. 

5.         I sleep walk and I sleep talk and so do my children.  That’s the trait I handed down to the next generation.  We have special locks up high on all the doors to keep us walkers in the house at night, just in case no one hears us up and about. 

4.         I’m clumsy as all hell.  No, seriously, it’s a detriment and embarrassing, but there is not getting over it, so I just need to get used to it.  My mom used to say I just needed to grow into my feet.  I am still waiting for that to happen. 

3.         I am meat adverse.  No I am not a vegetarian and I am not a vegan, but if I can get out of eating meat without too much fuss, I will.  I will happily go days meatless.  But…then I will get a whiff of bacon and I am in heaven. 

2.         I have been trying for several years to learn Spanish.  I can read certain words, and speak words and sentences, but if anyone were to actually speak to me in Spanish?  I can’t understand a thing they are saying.  It’s ticking me off.  I picked up French pretty easy in high school, and was somewhat fluent.  What is it with Spanish that has me at a loss? 

1.         I like to read romance novels.  Having a bad day?  Pick up a love story and everything always winds up “happily ever after” in the end.  I don’t read them as often as I would like as I have a wide range of topics I read from fantasy and paranormal to thrillers and mysteries.  I even read non-fiction when a topic gets under my skin, but a good romance when needed is just what the doctor ordered.  No smut needed. 

So have a great week all.  See ya next week.


  1. We have much in common - specifically the hermit thing, tanktop addiction, and dreaming in color. Weird. :)

    Thanks for linking up! I do like reading these about other people...

  2. Not everyone dreams in color? Really? I never knew that. Now I feel all special. :)

  3. Ah-hah! The tank-top worked its way into Sunny's character, me thinks. ;) It's unusual to dream in colour? Okay, I have to learn more about this. I don't think I knew that you sold do-it-yourself glass beads on eBay. Or maybe I did and I am forgetting at the moment. Here's to hermits! :D