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Monday, October 17, 2011

Big Dog

I was supposed to head out to New York this past week, but plan change really quickly in my life.  Well, then how was my week spent?  Writing?  Nope.  Reading?  Nope, not that either.  My week was spent dealing with my dog, Champion, an almost 9 year old, English Mastiff. 

He’s beautiful, friendly, and my buddy.  Tuesday afternoon he started acting on the funny side.  Now to some you are asking what that means.  Well, he didn’t greet me when I got home to start.  That is very strange as he is usually waiting at the door with his face pressed to the window, wiggly butt moving fast and furious to and fro with the strength of his rope like tail.  I had to go and find him, lying in the hallway.  Then when I greeted him, all I got was one measly thump of his tail.  I was instantly concerned.  I made dinner and as we sat to eat, he didn’t come running.  Here’s a secret that I hope my husband does not read (he doesn’t usually check my blog so I should be safe) I don’t eat my meat.  I sneak it under the table to my dogs.  They know it and the moment I sit down they are waiting at my feet for the first tidbit to arrive.  Champ didn’t come to the table.  I could see him still in the hall.  After dinner I took him a piece of chicken in which he took, but spit right out on the floor.  I started to cry.  I knew he was sick then.  Really sick as he will eat rocks if we aren’t careful. 

I called the vet, we took him right in and they had to sedate him as my normally happy friendly easygoing dog suddenly became a bit…mean.  He’s a big dog so this is a bit on the scary side to outsiders.  While he was sedated, they did x-rays and couldn’t find anything.  Then, he didn’t wake up and he didn’t wake up.  We had to leave him there for the night, again more angst from me over this.  I got a call in the middle of the night from the vet saying he was taking him over to the Animal ER as he still hadn’t come out of the sedation and they wanted someone to watch over him.  More angst more worry.  Then the next day, I called first thing, my big dog was awake, finally, but turning vicious.  Vicious?  What?  My big baby dog was vicious?  Apparently yes, they had to mussel him!  He was in serious pain and didn’t want anyone to touch him…at all.  They were trying to do more x-rays from a different angle and a surgeon was coming in.  Did I want surgery?  Yes.  What did they think it was?  It was either some type of blockage or….cancer.  Lord I about fell down, as the next breath from the Vet was, if it was cancer, did I just want them to not wake him up?  I said I didn’t know I would have to get back to him.  I then called my husband at work and cried like the big baby I was at the moment, with the thought of my big dog just not waking up.  For those of you who don’t know, my husband is a wonderful man sometimes.  He calmed me down, and said, that before I freaked out we should wait and see what they found. 

So surgery was done early Wednesday afternoon.  It was not cancer.  It was a corncob.  A whole one.  He had swallowed it down whole and it got lodged down in tummy.  I took a photo of it for the blog, just so you all could see it, but I have been told that is just gross.  So, no photo.  I have been praised on my astuteness, as I caught it extremely early, before he was even in any kind of pain, but surgery would still have been needed regardless.  I was just lucky I caught it when I did as he went down fast and added to that, he didn’t respond well to sedation.  He would have been dead in a day or so. 

What that all means is I have done nothing at all since Tuesday this week.  My weekend was spent as a dog nurse.  I am happy to say the big dog is doing well, and is happy to be home with his family.  He’s on a strict diet so I will have to be eating my own meat for the next week or so, unless I can figure out a way to stash it in my napkin….well see.


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  1. Oh luvvie. I know he's okay now, and I still welled up reading this. The no tail-wagging and food dropping out of his mouth. Meat! I reckon Champ had to come first this week. Impossible to write when you're worrying like that anyway. Thank cheesus you are on the ball and Champ is a champ.

    BTW, I didn't know you sneaked all your meat under the table to the dogs! I'm telling! ;)

  2. So glad Champ is doing well! NY will still be there when you're ready. :)
    Ok, you have to tell me how you did the part under the 'Like' button...
    PS. I wanna see the corncob...

  3. Awwww. Poor Champion. And poor Courtney. What an ordeal. I'm so glad everything worked out!

  4. Oh, Courtney, how scary! I'm glad things worked out in the end. And it's good that you caught this and got him to vet right away. He's lucky to have you.

    Liked your Facebook page.

  5. Aw, Ctny! I can imagine how distressed you were. Good for you, for taking him to the vet right away (and it sounds like you have a wonderful vet too). I was gettin' all teary-eyed about halfway through your post, and then... corncob! Yay! But what a big lummox he is!

    And, yeah, I wanna see it too... ;-D

    The WR bunnies want to come over and play with Champ when he's well enough, so if you see a bunch, don't worry that you've been invaded by rabbits.

  6. For shame!! Sneaking your meat to the dogs. Good for the dogs but bad, bad Courtney! I'm telling your husband! Wish I could do that but I needs my meat! I do give some to my dogs though too but just not MY share!

    I'm so happy Champ is better now, I know how scared you were. Man seeing a picture of him really puts the big dog into perspective. What a HUGE guy he is! But so perty...

  7. Oh my! How terrifying and weirdly funny at the same time! Poor guy. Glad to hear it isn't cancer.

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