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Monday, September 12, 2011

Negative vs. Positive

Today, I am not going to write about 9/11 and the reason being is because everyone else is.  I look over at my blog list and see tons of 9/11 blogs going on.  So instead I am writing about negativity and how it affects our everyday life.  Or my everyday life I guess.    

Negativity is defined as: 

1.         The characteristic of having a negative charge.
2.         The characteristic of being pessimistic or contrarian.

I’m not talking about “charges” here.  I’m talking about the negativity surrounding us by people.  People everywhere.  Anymore you can’t walk into a store without being overwhelmed by the negative energy.  The complaining shopper in isle 3 that can’t find the 6 oz can of tuna that she has a $.15 coupon for.  The bagger person is shooting vibes into the air because he would rather be with his girlfriend than putting your stupid groceries in the stupid crap bags.  Or the person with the pair of shoes that they only wore one time (for like 12 hours) and decided they just don’t fit right and would like to return them.  Yes the soles are worn and there is grass and dirt in the toe of the shoe but they insist on the return and why is the customer service person giving them a hard time about it?

I am very sensitive to negative vibes.  I get antsy and clumsy around them.  It affects my mood.  I can be in a wonderful mood and the moment the bad vibes wiggle my way, my day is shot. 

Why is the world filled with such negative people?  Can’t you find something to be happy about?  I know that I am a Pollyanna and it makes people crazy but why must you see the glass as half empty ALL THE TIME.  Why can’t you see it is as half full?  Yes, it’s raining, but that is just the perfect opportunity to dance in it.  Yes, maybe it wasn’t very nice to get shoved from the people behind you in line, but that is just the perfect opportunity to lighten someone’s day, by smiling at them, laughing and letting them know that its no big deal.  Was it really a big deal?  No.  Did they intentional run into you…most likely no.  Why do so many people seem to enjoy being grouchy?  Maybe some of you are the ones that wallow in the negative.  Maybe you like it that way.  Do you even realize you are doing it? 

For me, I like to live in the positive.  I feel better with that “charge”.  I will happily continue on being Courtney/Pollyanna any day over the negative.  For example:  It’s Monday after all, the hardest day of the week, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to see what all I can accomplish this week.  I see I am out of coffee at the office, but that will save me about 120 calories this morning so I can have a Hershey bar later this afternoon.  Woo Hoo!  It’s dance class tonight, which means I have an hour of time to read without interruption.  I could go on but I think you get the gist.   

One a writer’s note, I love to watch the negative types while out and about.  They make great funny characters in my stories.  Shoe lady above….oh yeah.  She’s a good one.  Ha!

Have a great week everyone! 


  1. I am with you on the picking up bad vibes. It has made shopping... corporate work... an ordeal in the past (to say the least). I think something changed inside me the day I saw Roz trying to build confidence around adults when we were out at the mall. She said "hi" to this cashier-woman who totally blanked her. It was obvious that the woman had no time for a small kid who was of no consequence to her or her life. She performed her job, eyes and mind somewhere else (incidentally, I saw her running down to a clothes store shortly after looking at skinny pants). But I realized then, that what I explained to Roz, was also what I needed to tell myself. That not everybody is nice or gives a crap about other people, but that doesn't matter because you were brave and kind and you tried and you did good for YOU, and not everybody is like her anyway. So we can just ignore the ones like her and keep working on ourselves and enjoy chance meetings with other kindred spirits.

    It is odd though, eh Courtney. For a society that apparently has so much, we're a right miserable bunch. I think we need more silly hats.

  2. Good post.
    I think that some people in particular have the ability to influence others based on their mood. Let me rephrase: any person can influence others, but there are those in particular who especially have that effect.
    They make for some very intriguing characters.
    Hope you have a happy-vibe-filled week!

  3. You make a very good point. I honestly believe however that inanimate objects can be imbued with that same negativity; houses, architecture, roadways, parks, vehicles and even household items. And of course as you mentioned above, people.

    I think some of us are sensitive enough to pick up on it at an intuitive level but when you're confronted by an overwhelming amount of negativity, it starts bringing you down.


  4. Carrie: I would love a few silly hats. I think I will start collecting them. I love how you explained people to Roz. I would have not been able to stop myself from giving her the eyebrow....my children say its lethal.

    Ladaisi: I admit I love people watching. You are so right that they make lively characters.

    Rory: Do you mean in a "touched by evil" sense? Some houses are just evil? I remember watching the movie The Amityville Horror and wondering if an inanimate object could in fact hold the negitive vibes like that. I have since been in places that give me the chills upon entering. Bad vibes? Negative energy? Yes, I think so.


  5. I need to perfect my eyebrow. And I also don't do well with my own advice when it comes to in-laws. ;)

  6. Yes, negativity can affect us all. I think when other people are negative, and then treat ME crappy because of their bad mood it makes me feel stupid. Then my day goes downhill : (

    Note to self: Be happy.

    ; )