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Monday, September 19, 2011

Leg, arm, or side.

So as usual I am over thinking myself.  In my up coming book, I have a scene where my MC gets shot with an arrow.  Now, this is all fine, except now I am worried that maybe I have chosen the wrong location to have her skewered.  I chose the thigh.  The reason being for this was because of the activities she would have to perform after being shot, like riding a horse, climbing trees, and the like. 

Why am I suddenly re-thinking?  Because I read another book where a character has been shot and guess where?  Yup, the thigh.  This makes about three books now that I have seen with this same injury.  It must be a good spot to aim for.  When I was thinking about where and how, I talked generally with a pediatrician about the best location for what I was looking for.  Her response was the thigh, you could make it hit so it was more in the fatty upper outside area (no comment….) or even the muscle and it would still function relatively well.  So I worked my story around that.  Seems like a good idea to me. 

Other locations for possibilities were the arm and the side.  The arm was my second choice as there are not any main organs to worry about “just” missing.  But the issue with horse riding would be a real problem as my MC is not a horse person.  Holding on for dear life with a bum arm didn’t seem believable to me. 

The side (at the waist) was a slim maybe.  There are just too many main organs and such right there.  You have kidneys, and the pancreas, and the intestines all in that area.  It just didn’t seem believable to me that you could get shot in the side and not hit anything major. 

So the question is:  Is the thigh too used?  I didn’t think it was until this weekend, but again, I am over thinking today.  Maybe it’s too much caffeine and I need to focus my energy on other things.  New things. 

Any thoughts?


  1. I like a good thigh, me. How far away was the arrow shot from?

  2. In which? Mine? From right behind her. In the other book, from in front of her as they came together. It didn't really say exactly how far away?

  3. Yours, I meant. Though good to know for the other, too. It would be pretty mean to shoot someone in the upper body, from up close. Plus, you wouldn't need to raise your bow too high for a shorter distance. Okay, now I'm over thinking. :) Kay, you stand a little over there, yeah, like that... I'll get my bow and arrow set up and you start running...

  4. I was watching a show yesterday where one of the characters got stabbed in the thigh. Thighs must be the trend, lol.
    I never really thought of it until you mentioned it. Now, I'm going to be on the lookout.

  5. I say whatever place works for your story should be the one to use and I think the thigh makes the most sense. I'd also say you read like 15 books a day so yeah, your going to read some where they get shot in the thigh! LOL But let's face it, there are only so many places on ones body that you can get shot at where you don't have major damage. Plus I really don't think anyone would think twice about reading another book where the person was shot in the same place. How many shows do we see on TV or movies where the good guy gets 5 million bullets shot at him but he ends up shot in the shoulder and ends up having to wear a sling. Doesnt stop us from watching those types of shows over and over. You're "thinking" too much, just like the rest of us writers. But I'd say that's also a good thing, not bad.