Monday, July 25, 2011

The Economy Stikes Again

The worst thing to happen! 

It started off like any other day, I dragged myself from my cozy bed, had a cuppa coffee, checked email and tried to wake up.  Nothing new.  Then my teenager decided that she HAD to go to the mall.  This is when the day took a turn.  Contrary to what may be believed, I am not very social in person.  The idea of going to the mall is sometimes overwhelming.  It’s the crowds, it’s the noise, it’s the pain in the patoot people that crawl right up your butt in line thinking that’s going to help get to the front of the line quicker.  Umm, hello?  Its’ not.  I can’t tell you how many times I have turned around and said to someone “Dude!  Can you take a step back?”  When my hair is being fluffed around my face due to their BREATHING on me, I tend to get grumpy.  It embarrasses my children to no end. 

So my daughter, the smart thing that she is, decides to bribe me with the purchase of a bag of Harry and David Gummy Bears.  Yup.  She had me with the word Harry.  I agreed to a journey out to the God forsaken mall.  Oh goody.  Can you hear the sarcasm?  We get to the mall and make a stop at Abercrombie, and then one at American Eagle and then the Apple Store, and finally two door down is Harry and David.  I get all giddy and excited.  One of the best things about the H&D store is that you walk in and the smell hits you.  It’s chocolate, it’s candy, it’s gummies.  Aaaaahhhh, I love that smell.  I skip over to the storefront and the world falls at my feet. 

My lovely, wonderful, favorite store in the world…..is closed….forever.  It’s an empty shell of dark space and dust.  I stand there in abject sadness.  My hands and face pressed longingly against the glass, looking inside where there is now nothing but a few forgotten scraps of cardboard.

I was pulled away from the glass by my daughter.  I dragged my feet and hung my head through H&M and Forever 21.  My daughter finally disgusted with me, said she was ready to go home.  “Geez, mom.  It’s only a store,” she admonishes. 

Yes.  But it was the only H&D store around.  There are no others anywhere near us.  At least I can still order on line.  I double-checked to be sure.  I knew H&D were having financial issues, so there was a small worry that they were gone entirely but thankfully that is not the case.  I am sad my little store of heaven on earth is gone, but so very thankful they are not gone entirely.  



  1. I hate when this happens. This economy needs to get straightened out. I hate losing good stores. And it breaks my heart to see all these people lose their jobs.

  2. NO GUMMY BEARS! Oh, my deepest condolences, dear ctny... here, have some bubble wrap, 'k? And we seem to have a surplus of very small hop-toads here. Would you like some of them?

    (No, not to eat!)

  3. I hear ya Kelly. All the little shops and such are closing all over the place. This one hit harder than most. Heck the people at my H&D store knew me by name! I hope they find work or were offered something elsewhere.

    Thanks for the bubble wrap Kate! It is a soothing activity dont you think? Hop-toads? Really? Oh not gummy ones? Okay. Bummer. :)

  4. Right when you were about to get free H&D gummies, too. Very suspicious. I wonder if Harry and David are now stuck inside their home, surrounded by gummy bears...

  5. Oh my, shall I send you a nice soft box of tissues to wipe away your tears? Really, I'm down here in "sweatland" laughing my butt off because you are so upset about gummy bears!! However, don't even try closing my Dillards store or there will be war!! It's funny that we get so hooked on certain things but really it doesnt pay these days. At the grocery story, just when I find something sugar free for my husband that he really loves... sure enough they stop carrying it. I get so sick of that!!! So even thought I'm giggling at your gummy bear trauma, I do feel your pain!

  6. Sad day! I hate it when stuff like that happens.

    I agree; the mall is a horrid place and should be avoided at all costs. Now your daughter will have no way in which to bribe you so you can look at this way: you never have to go again!!!