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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fundamentals – The Building Blocks of Fun.

When I decided I wanted to be a writer, it was not a jump right in, head first, into the pool of authors, kind of thing.  I had a story in my hands that I had written to help my daughter “want” to read.  I wrote it for her, but then after its use was complete, I wondered what else I could do with it.  I didn’t want to just toss it, but I also didn’t want to have it collecting dust at the bottom of some junk drawer either.  So I “googled” children’s writers.  Oh my goodness the results I got.  It was quite over-whelming.  My next thought was the bookstore.  There had to be a how-to book there somewhere.  Well, I’m cheap so I hit the used store and found two books.  One was for idiots and one was for dummies, so I figured they were perfect for me.  I read them, cover to cover, and again.  That’s when it hit me, I had no idea what in the world I was doing.  Writing the story was easy, but then what?

So, now you are all wondering, “So…what did you do then?”

Simple, I took a class on writing for children.  The class was a marvelous help to me, as it set down the basics, the ground rules, and the fundamentals of being a writer in plain ole English, step by step by step.  Not only about how to write a story or article or book, but what the heck to do with it after its written, like the how-to on getting your work out to publishers and markets.  That was the information I needed.  That was the help I was looking for.  It made writing fun.  It became a game of where can I get published next.  What else can I try. 

That was a couple years ago now.  I completed the basic course on writing for children and then moved on to an advanced class on novel writing, which I completed about a month ago.  My diplomas are lovely, btw.  I have several credits in magazines; several in anthologies; and of course one for my novel, Shadow Dancer. 

Will I end there?  Of course not!  I love to learn new things all the time, so this year…..I’m looking into classes for adult writing.  Why not?  I’m sure I can use the information and the knowledge and of course the fundamentals.  Besides, I have an idea for a  thriller….


  1. You go girl!!

    My writing started similar to yours. I was reading my brothers blog one day. He for some odd reason, posted a story he was just having fun writing. It was fantasy. I thought to myself that he really wrote well. Then it hit me that I bet I could write a fantasy story. So I remembered something me and my sibs played as children. I sat down and started typing the story and I have not stopped writing since and that was over 3 years ago.

    I realized I didnt know anything about getting published or if it was possible, just like you Courtney, so I googled writing for children's courses. I found the Institute for Children's Literature and they accepted my aptitude test. I was thrilled and in fact, just received my diploma last week! Best thing I ever did was take that course. Now on to the advanced class.

    Anyway, "weez" both published writers now girl, and it feels marvelous!! Don't ever stop writing cause you are so talented and besides, I'll have to come up to that snowy Ohio and slap ya silly!

  2. Courtney, I wish I had your drive! Congrats on your second diploma. And an adult course next? I'll never understand how you juggle all that you do. I suspect you're not actually human.

  3. Courtney, I can't find your email addy anywhere :-( email me your snail mail, you won a prize on my blog!!!!

  4. I had a feeling you were going to branch out to writing for adults. Good for you, Courtney. I'm convinced there's nothing you can't do!