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Monday, March 28, 2011


For Christmas this past year I received to my delight a Kindle e-reader.  I wasn’t certain what I thought of e-readers at that time, but since then, I have found that I LOVE my Kindle.  I don’t have to go out to get new books from the bookstore. I don’t have to pay for shipping and wait for it to arrive if I go on-line.  I search, I buy, I have, all within moments, a new book to read right at my greedy fingertips.  I love it.

Of course now that I have had the Kindle for a bit, I have found several things that are a bit hinky if you ask me.  First, unless you really are paying attention you can get gipped in the book department.  I was searching for a good read, and found a nice $.99 book that sounded intriguing.  So I purchased it and began to read.  I flipped from page one to page two and the percentage of the book I had read went from 1% to 8%.  Yep, I just purchased a 12 page book.  Of course I was a bit annoyed, but I learned a valuable lesson:  check to see how big the download is before you buy, otherwise you too can be purchasing a 12 page novel. 

The next thing on the hinky side is the cost of some ebooks.  First as an author myself, I KNOW that ebooks are almost all profit.  There is no printing, there is no cover, there is no shipping, there is no storage.  Aside from the initial set up, it’s just profit. That is one of the reasons print books have become so expensive, all the above.  So, I was recommended a read from one of my followers a few weeks back.  I searched it down and saw that to purchase the print book it was $7.99.  To purchase the ebook, it was $7.49.  To me?  That is a very greedy, horrible deal.  Yes, the author makes more money, but frankly, I am not buying books to make authors money.  I am buying books to be entertained, to learn something new, or for whatever.  So, here me now all you publishers, and self publishing authors out there, if you are going to gouge your readers with that kind of a crappy deal, I will not be buying your books.  Even if I really want to read it, I wont be spending my money on you.  Shame on you.  I’m not saying they need to all be $.99 books.  I don’t expect that at all.  But $.50?  Seriously?    

So the question is am I wrong?  Why?  Ebooks are a wonderful new thing.  But, you can’t share them;  you can’t pass them along to libraries;  you can’t take them to “used” stores to re-sell;  you get it, you read it, that’s it. What do you think?



  1. I don't have an e-book but now they are publishing books only on e-book so I feel I have to get one.
    I see your points ctny. There's always and up and downside to everything.

  2. I think there are ups and downs on both print and e-books. I also have a Kindle. Luckily I haven't had the problem you had Courts, but I'm waiting. It will happen, I'm sure. I do love my Kindle though.

  3. Hmm. I don't have an e-reader either. I'm sure I'll get one soon, but I'm always a little hesistant to buy electronics. I'm the one who buys a gadget only after almost everybody in the world has one, lol.
    I can see your point about the 50 cent discount for an e-book as compared to a print book. I would think the e-book would be cheaper.

  4. Well I'm still one of the old fashioned gals who doesnt have an e-reader yet. I'm kind of vetoeing them cause I dont want books to go out of circulation. I know they wont altogether, I'm just putting off buying an e-reader and that sounds like a good excuse!! But you are right, a .50 discount is insane. I wont be buying those types either, unless it's yours of course! LOL

    Are you having a hard time seeing or reading or getting a glare on your kindle?

  5. Courtney, you can share a lot of ebooks. You can even "take them out of the library." I haven't done either, but the feature is there on a lot of books.
    I agree that ebooks should be cheaper than print books. If I'm spending full price or close to it, then I want the print book. Really I think there should be a $5.99 cap on ebooks. I understand the author and publisher need to make money, and I want them, too. But don't rip me off in order to do it.

  6. Courtney, I see where you and many readers are coming from. Makes me wonder if Kindle/ebook designers consulted with Pubs/authors before getting reader buy-in because now it's like Borders charging an entrance fee to browse books you can only read while you're in the store! You may want to check out my post on the Quirky Way of Seeing Real Books vs. ebooks.
    I really like your writing style. Very straight to the chase. I like that.

  7. I have a Kindle and I agree with you. I find it ridiculous that some e-books are just as expensive as paper books - or barely discounted. I can't believe there was a book that short out there! Well, I guess I can believe it. I read something the other day about a BLANK e-book making it to the top of the list. Go figure.