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Monday, January 31, 2011


First and foremost I have a winner of my critique contest, thanks to the Random Number Generator I found on-line last night (I love Google).  So without further ado…the winner of a free critique and review is:  Allyn Stotz.  Woo Hoo!  Thank you to everyone who entered. 

This week and I read and did a review of the novel, Dragons Among Us, by C.L. Kraemer.  You can find it here:  http://roguesangels.blogspot.com/ 


It’s the end of January and I thought I would take inventory of what goals I am still working on.  I did complete and submit one story (it’s a maybe, btw).  I read six books this month and if I can find the time later tonight that number may be seven.  I have done relatively well staying on track and may have my YA Novel, A Howl in the Night, just about ready by the end of this week.  It’s going to be a busy week, so we’ll see about that. 

On the personal front, so far I have been going outside for a walk on Sundays.  I have to say, just yuck.  Why do we have to go outside in the winter?  I forget now why this was a big deal…..ok not really, but its so cold and blah and dead looking outside I don’t want to do it.  The kids and the animals enjoy it though, so I haven’t much choice in the matter.  I cannot wait for spring. 

One month down….are you still working on your goals for the year or did you chuck them out on the 5th? 


  1. Good for you! There's nothing like knowing you're accomplishing your goals.

    I'm sticking with mine! Chucked taking Spanish again, though. Looks like I may need to learn German instead.

    Ladaisi Blog

  2. I definitely don't go outside enough in the winter. Good thing I take vitamin D!

    My writing goals are going well. I finished revising my YA fantasy and wrote/revised my query. It will be getting sent out soon. I also started planning a new YA fantasy. The only thing I really NEED to do is write my full synopsis for the first YA fantasy for the few agents who still request those. I'm dreading that.

  3. Ladaisi - I have been trying for years now to learn Spanish and I just...dont. Maybe this year I will actually accomplish it. Ummm, probably not.

    Kelly - You are doing the same thing I am then. I hate trying to write a synopsis. Blah!

  4. Yey, I won!! That's amazing since I never win ANYTHING!! I'm looking foward to getting a critique from you Courtney.

    As far as my writing goals, I'm pretty much right on track. I've sent a few things out and working on several more.

    One of my major goals for the year though was to read more and watch TV less. So far, I'm failing that miserably!!