Friday, January 7, 2011


Nothing.  The new year is here and all my goals and such are set and I am getting no-where.  At all.  I think my to-do list is over-whelming me.  I need to do status checks on 6 submissions.  I need to revise 3 previously rejected pieces and resubmit them out.  I need to finish up a story I am working on for an anthology (I am way way behind on this one).  I need to revise Shadow Warrior.  I need to finish revising A Howl in the Night.  And lastly I need to write something new for the month.  Maybe two something news.  I didn't do any of it this week.  I sat down at my computer to work on it tonight and I am so not inspired to do any of it. 

Is it the weather?  Do any of you get the winter time blahs?  Does all your inspiration vanish with the sunshine?  How do you get out of the winter blahs?  Usually I go for a walk, but it has been so cold that the thought is abhorrent to me right now, even with my warm winter boots.  Sometimes I will bird and squirrel watch for a bit, but it has been snowing and sleeting and icing so much that they haven't even been out when I need them.  I tried reading a bit, but all that did was make me want to continue reading and procrastinate on the writing.  Oh I miss the sun.....

Let's see what the weekend brings.  Maybe with a fresh nights sleep, I will wake up and be ready to get to it. 



  1. Maybe you just need a short break and relax a bit??? Cuddle up with a good book and enjoy. :)

  2. I agree with Laurie. When I get in moods where I just can't bring myself to revise and the ideas aren't coming to write something new, I read. That always helps me relax and usually it gets my creativity flowing again.

  3. I think it's because you don't know where to begin. That's quite the list. And you critiqued my story too. Aw, thanks luv. Maybe try to plan your days/time realistically for the next few weeks, and only think about what is needed for that day(s)? Do only what you absolutely have to until you get back in the flow again... Or, yes, sit and read. Blowing some blue sky down to you right now...