Monday, March 6, 2017

The Black Coach - Review

Last week I did an author post for The Black Coach.  I have read the book and decided to post a review of it as well for my readers.  If you are into Mystery and Romance, maybe you should give it a read.  Have a great week everyone.

The Black Coach
By Nickie Fleming
Review by Courtney Rene
Rating 4 Stars

Maggie Thompson, an orphan flees from an abusive household, and is then rescued by a mysterious man, Neil Harrington, but strange happenings continue to follow in her wake.  Two girls are found murdered, there is a strange black coach that is traveling the roadways at night, and a man is searching for Maggie.

The Black Coach took off and engaged the reader from the start. Maggie although struggling with life trouble at the beginning, shows herself to be a strong character and I connected with her right away.  Her inner battles and her strength, paired with her kind nature, makes you cheer her on from the other side.   Neil is a question.  Who is he?  What is he doing and is he a good guy or not?  The intrigue and the romance make for fun read.  The story stayed strong throughout and the book and kept you moving along at a nice pace.  I enjoyed the read.  The author makes believable characters and realist dialogue. The mystery and romance made for an easy and enjoyable read.  

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