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Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer's End

The end of summer is near.  I can feel it in the air.  I know so many people that wait for the coming fall and winter with excitement and glee.  I see the leaves changing colors and falling to the ground as the start of the hell that you all call winter.  The flowers are turning brown and wilting away leaving stumps of death behind.  The grass has been browning for a few weeks now, thanks to the wonderfully scorching hot sun, but even that will begin to shrivel up and die away. I am not ready for it.  Not that I’m ever really ready for the coming cold and rain and sleet and ice and snow and wind and and and.  Yes, I’m being a bit dramatic.  I don’t think anyone realizes how much I loathe the winter here in Ohio. 

So I am trying to come up with things to do INSIDE that will take my mind off the weather this fall and winter.  I am making a list.  I will be getting back to my painting.  A bit more learning over the winter and a bit more time to focus on it, will be nice.  I will finish up my drafts of several novels sitting on my desk.  Did I really say several?  Yes, I did.  It’s awful.  I have three novels sitting ready to move at this very moment.  I just haven’t.  That’s a start for me.  What else is there but to watch tv and clean?  I’m thinking on it. 

Labor Day is next week, which in my mind is the beginning of the end of the glorious warmth and sunshine for at least six months.  Oh the horror of it all!  How do you all while away the winter months?  I need some ideas.

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  1. I haven't looked forward to fall in a while with the Ontario winters looming shortly after, so I understand that feeling all too well. This is the first year I'm actually excited for it again; especially out here since the tourists have gone home, which makes for an extra bonus to my favourite season. I'm hoping it's a kinder winter for you this year.

    Adding colour and pizzazz to these magnolia walls will be my rainy winter project.