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Monday, March 7, 2016

Moods of the Writer...aka Me.

This last week has been pretty up and down for me on the writing front.  I don’t know if all writers get this way or if it is just me, but I get stuck in the mind set where I’m unsure of myself.  I wonder what I am doing wasting my time and energy. 

Take for instance my horror story.  I think it is pretty well done.  Ready to be submitted out.  It’s a complete story, with a nice story arc, and three main sections, of the beginning, middle, and end.  I don’t really pay attention to word count until the story is done.  Well, it’s done and it has a word count of only 47,500 words.  That is a bit short for an adult novel.  I spent a bit of time trying to figure out a way to plump it up another 12,000 words at least, but yeah, I’m not coming up with anything that doesn’t seem forced and stupid.  I was feeling a little bummed out.  What was I going to do with it?  Was it a waste of my time?  How could I have written a complete story and have it be so short on words. 

I then, got my Amazon recommendation and saw on my list a novella book.  Well, guess what I decided to do with my horror story?  Turn it into a novella!  Heck, maybe I will self publish it for cheap and move on, but at least I have options.  I got so bogged down on the “Oh no!” that I couldn’t see a way around it. 

I was feeling a bit better about my word count issue and then while I was on Amazon, I checked out my books and saw a new review came up for The Full Moon Rises!  And, it was a good review.  That made my day even better. 

Then late last night, I was messaged and asked when book 3 was coming out and how soon as they and another reader were anxiously waiting for it!!!!  How nice is that?  I have fans!   

So, that’s the cycle of me as a writer, I go from I suck, to okay, I can make it work, to look at me, I’m great.  Tomorrow I will be back in the “I suck” department, but for today, I’m feeling pretty good. 


  1. A novella is a great idea, especially since you can charge less and get your absolutely-suck-free writing out there to more potential fans. That's so lovely to get messaged like that.

  2. If you want any help with doing the novella on your own, feel free to hit me up with any questions you might have.