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Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer is here...sorta

Summer is in full swing and it’s cold as heck.  I mean so cold I thought about actually turning on the heat this morning.  I didn’t, but only as it seemed wrong to turn on the heat on June 1st.  Instead, I put on extra clothes and turned on the little space heater in the entry way, to break the chill in the air.  What the heck?  Where’s the sweltering heat? 

So? Did I finish the first draft of my current WIP?  Nope.  But there is a good reason.  As I progressed through the book, it was turning more and more into a series book.  I didn’t want that.  I want a full stand-alone story.  Why?  I don’t know, I just do.  If a publisher later on wants a book two, it could be a branch out book with new characters added in with their own story.  But I wanted Grace’s story to finish, to have an actually happy ending.  What that means though is, it appears this book is going to be a bit longer than I first anticipated as it reaches an actual end.  However, it’s coming along very nicely.  I hit the 60,000 mark last week and I am pressing forward.

This week is the end of the dance “school” year.  We have our end of the year recital, which means I will be in dance hell for the week.  Costumes and makeup and hair, dress rehearsals, and so many shows, it’s going to be insane.  I am praying for patience.  But, then I get a break, a short one-week one, but a break all the same.  Plus it’s fun to see how everyone ended up for the year.  What they learned and how they progressed.  The children look forward to it and that’s the whole point after all.  

I am still looking for at least one review of A Howl in the Night. Did you read it?  Did you review it on Amazon?  If you didn’t know, the one good way to help out an author is to write a review. Just sayin.

Here's a link to help you out:  A Howl in the Night


  1. I've got the heat on...I'm soft. Hope dance week goes well, and I'll try to be patient for Grace's story.

    1. It was really cold there for a few days. Not impressed with that at all.

  2. I've got the air on full blast! It's already boiling here down in Louisiana. Goodluck with your WIP. I know no matter what you chose to do with it, it will be great!

    1. The cold snap only lasted a few day...a few days too long! Thankfully we are back to the nice hot heat here. It's about time!