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Monday, May 4, 2015

May the 4th and Cinco De Mayo

Welcome to May the 4th.  I love this day, for two reasons actually.  One as, hello!  It’s funny and I like it. I’m a Star Wars child.  Grew up with Laya and Luke.  Had the records and the books.  My sister loved Yoda and had a ton of things with him.  He kinda creeped me out, but hey, when you share a room with your sibling, you don’t get much say (The purple!  My God, all the purple!  To this day, I am not a fan of purple).  Moving on.  So, enjoy the 4th,  just for the fun of it.

Tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo.  Why is this day awesome. Because!!!!!  It’s a feast day of Mexican goodness AND it’s also my birthday.  I get a festival on my birthday to celebrate my greatness.  Okay, so maybe not, but I can pretend.  I’m an author after all.  I have a great imagination. 

What am I doing for my grand event?  Nothing.  It’s not that I am not thrilled to have lived through another year (it was questionable a time or two).  I am not a big birthday person.  I try really hard to remember other people’s big day, I miss more than I remember, but again, I’m not big on birthdays.  Well, unless you are my Husband or my children and grandchildren, then I can’t forget you, as that’s just wrong, but the rest of my friends and family, if I remember to say anything about your special day, be grateful, as 90% I don’t.  Therefore, it’s seems a bit hypocritical to be all fanatical about my special day of birth, when I can’t remember anyone else’s. 

I wanted to post a baby photo of myself just for kicks, but apparently I don’t have one.  Sad.  I will give another hunt through later today if I can to post on my actual birthday, but as of now, I got nothing.  I’d post one of me now, but I am not a photogenic person.   Sorry about your luck. 

May the 4th be with you and have a wonderful week. 


  1. I had a purple phase as a teen, and before that... mint green! WTH! I'm crap with birthdays too. You're just lucky yours is hard to forget. ;) So happy birthday, punk! Enjoy the guacamole.

  2. Awe, darn, I wanted to make fun of one of your baby pictures! Oh well. I bet you were cute though. I'm just the opposite with birthdays. I try to remember everyones birthday that I care about but could really care less about my own. Unless someone wants to get me a nice pretty present...then I'll take it!